The scorching heat broke the record in electricity consumption in Turkiye

A new daily record was broken in electricity consumption in Turkiye with 1 million 77 thousand 63 megawatt hours yesterday.

The use of air conditioners and agricultural irrigations, which increased in parallel with the increase in air temperatures throughout the country, led to peak values in electricity consumption.

According to the data of Turkiye Electricity Production Inc., the highest electricity consumption level of the year was recorded in Turkiye on a daily basis with 1 million 77 thousand 63 megawatt-hours yesterday. Thus, the record of 1 million 58 thousand 962 megawatt-hours in electricity consumption on July 13 was exceeded.

On an hourly basis, the lowest electricity consumption was seen at 07.00 with 34 thousand 625 megawatt hours yesterday. The highest electricity consumption occurred at 16.00 with 51 thousand 588 megawatt hours.

1 million 67 thousand 367 megawatt hours of electricity was produced on a daily basis in Turkiye yesterday.

23.7% of the said production was met by natural gas, 22.4% by imported coal and 16.3% by dam hydroelectric power plants, and the rest from other sources.

Yesterday, 6 thousand 413 megawatt-hours of electricity were exported and 16 thousand 112 megawatt-hours of electricity was imported.

Source: Trthaber / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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