Visa free travel to the UAE from 82 countries

Hassle-free entry with several options

To further boost its tourism and investment aspirations, the UAE has expanded its visa-free travel policy. Now, citizens from 82 countries can travel to the UAE without the need to secure a visa beforehand.

Upon their arrival, visitors are typically issued one of two visas. Particularly, they can either opt for a 30-day entry visa, extendable by an additional 10 days,or choose a 90-day entry permit.

Here’s the list of countries that you can check, so you can plan ahead for a future trip to the UAE.

AlbaniaCzech RepublicLatviaRussia
ArgentinaEl SalvadorLithuaniaSaint Vincent and the Grenadines
AustraliaEstoniaLuxembourgSan Marino
AustriaFinlandMalaysiaSaudi Arabia
BelgiumHong KongMontenegroSolomon Islands
BulgariaIrelandNew ZealandSwitzerland
ChileItalyOmanUnited Kingdom
ChinaJapanParaguayUnited States of America
Costa RicaKiribatiPolandVatican City

Travel tips

  • Preparation is key. Ensure your passport is valid for at least six months beyond your stay. In addition, be aware of the UAE’s visa-free entry and customs requirements to prevent sudden issues.
  • Know about the UAE’s rich traditions. The UAE has a rich history influencing its customs and lifestyle. Learn about these traditions to enhance your travel experience and respect local customs.
  • Prioritize your health. The UAE as high-quality medical facilities. But make sure you have adequate travel insurance to avail of these services in case of unforeseen health issues during your trip.
  • Manage your finances wisely. Financial savvy is paramount during your UAE visa-free journey. Understanding the UAE’s primary currency, the Dirham, and planning your budget according to the exchange rates will help manage your expenses.
  • Consider the climate. The UAE has high temperatures during summer (June to September) and relatively cooler winters (December to March). Pack appropriate attire to ensure comfort during your UAE visa-free travel.

In conclusion, for UAE visa-free travel, a valid passport with at least six months’ validity is primarily required. It’s advisable to have a return or onward ticket and proof of adequate funds for your trip. These rules apply to all seven emirates within the UAE, but local regulations and requirements may vary depending on your entry point and the duration of your stay. Overstaying past the 30-day on-arrival visa or visa validity results in fines starting at AED50 ($14) for the first day and increasing to AED50 ($14) per day thereafter, with an additional exit permit fee of AED250-350 ($68-$95) upon departure. If you extend your stay through immigration or a tourism company, an AED50 ($14) per day overstay fine applies. Always verify with the relevant authorities for the most up-to-date information.


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