Tirport Receives Nearly $2 Million Investment Led by Finberg

Tirport, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fibabanka and completed its investment tour under the leadership of Finberg, Turkiye’s first fintech-focused venture capital, received an investment of approximately $2 million.

Founded as Turkiye’s first fintech-focused venture capital and a wholly owned subsidiary of Fibabanka, Finberg continues to increase the added value it provides to the country’s entrepreneurship ecosystem with its investments.

In this regard, Turkiye’s largest digital logistics platform Tirport completed its investment tour with approximately $2 million, led by Finberg and with the participation of existing investors.

With its investments in future technologies and innovation-oriented approach, Fibabanka became the solution partner of Tirport’s payment services as a part of this strategic investment. Thanks to this cooperation, truckers working with Tirport will start receiving their payments with the assurance of Fibabanka within 24 hours after delivering their loads. There are over 350,000 individual truck owners in Turkiye and 400,000 FTL (Full Track Load) transportation is carried out daily. This payment service, mediated by Tirport, is expected to transform the service concept in the sector.

Tirport, which provides services on all digital platforms (iOS, Android, web) with the augmented intelligence-supported technologies it has developed and plays a leading role in the logistics industry with more than a hundred thousand member truckers, aims to reinforce its leadership as a “digital forwarder” in the market with this new investment. The startup, which is preparing for a major breakthrough in the market as of the second half of 2024, continues to add important names to its management team. In addition to strategic investments and collaborations, Uygar Usar, who is one of the important names of the logistics industry in Turkiye and most recently served as the CEO of Alisan Group, joined Tirport and became the Executive Board Member of Tirport in the new restructuring.

Finberg Board Member Ihsan Elgin said;

“With this investment, we support the growth of a platform that pioneers the digital transformation of the logistics industry in Turkiye. We believe that this investment we made in Tirport, which acts with the mission of accelerating the digital transformation of the logistics sector, which is growing day by day both in Turkiye and in the region, will play an important role in further developing the services they provide and accelerating their efforts to expand abroad.”

Fibabanka General Manager and Board Member Omer Mert said in his statement;

“As Fibabanka, we continue to support Turkiye’s entrepreneurship ecosystem and strengthen the fintech muscles of startups by investing in innovative and technology-focused companies such as Tirport. As Tirport’s solution partner in payments, we have created a collaboration that combines the power of logistics technology and financial technology. With this collaboration, we aim to contribute to both the growth and digital transformation of the market.”

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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