Transport services nearing full capacity for Eid al-Fitr holiday

With the Eid al-Fitr holiday approaching, people are rushing to buy tickets to spend the nine-day holiday with their loved ones or away from home, with transportation services such as buses and planes already overwhelmed as hardly any vacant seats are left.

The official holidays for the three-day Eid al-Fitr, also known as Ramadan Feast, which marks the end of a month-long fasting period for Muslims, will span nine days, inclusive of two weekends.

From April 5 to 15, which promises to be a bustling period of transportation, popular destinations such as İzmir, Antalya and Bodrum are seeing flights at 80 percent capacity with travelers who are eager to reunite with their families or enjoy holiday getaways.

While air travel faces a squeeze, bus operators are gearing up to meet the demand by preparing additional trips.

According to Birol Özcan, the president of the Turkish Bus Federation (TOFED), there is still availability of seats on bus and high-speed train services, offering a viable alternative for travelers.

However, Özcan recommended ticket buyers to hurry up. “There are serious demand on April 5 to 7 for the departure and especially on April 13 to 14 for the return.”

On the other hand,he assured that additional bus trips were underway to alleviate the strain on transportation services during the holiday period.

Tourism sector buzzes with three consecutive holidays

Meanwhile, the tourism sector had a dynamic start to the 2024 summer season, with three consecutive holidays, propelling activity across various markets.

Commencing with the Nowruz celebrations on March 21, which attracts a significant influx of Iranian tourists to Antalya, followed by Easter on March 31, drawing visitors primarily from Western Europe, and culminating in Eid starting April 10, the sector is experiencing a flurry of domestic and international travel.

Hoteliers have been proactive in tailoring special concepts for each holiday, with Nevruz-themed displays greeting visitors at hotel entrances since March 21.

İsmail Çağlar, the general manager of a five-star hotel in Antalya, highlighted that there were robust preparations undertaken to accommodate travelers from key markets, both international and domestic.

Stating that there currently is an influx of tourists from Iran and Turkic States, Çağlar said the confluence of holidays will generate continuous guest flows. “More than 60 percent of our guests are Iranians. Nevruz holiday period will continue for about two weeks, followed by Easter, in which guests will come from the Netherlands, Germany and England.”

With Eid al-Fitr expected to draw domestic tourists, Çağlar added that the nine-day holiday declaration has provided an added boost to the market.

Source: hurriyetdailynews

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