Turkey: A double record was broken in September export figures

Exports broke a new record in September. Monthly exports exceeded $20 billion for the first time. 12-month exports, on the other hand, exceeded the OVP target and amounted to $212.2 billion.

A double record was broken in September export figures. Monthly exports increased by 30% compared to last year and reached $20 billion 783 million. 12-month exports, on the other hand, exceeded the year-end Medium Term Program (MTP) target of $211 billion. The ratio of exports to imports was 88.9%.


“For the first time in the history of our Republic, we exceeded the threshold of $20 billion on a monthly basis,” said Minister of Commerce Mehmet Mus. Explaining that the last 12 months’ exports broke a new Republic record with $212.2 billion, Mus said, “This is a great success in terms of exports.” Speaking at the meeting held in the Conference Hall of the Ministry, Mus drew attention to the fact that exports continue to be the locomotive of the country’s economy. Explaining that the share of the G7 countries, which consists of the seven most developed countries, from the global income of 46% in 2020, is predicted to decrease to 36% in 2040, Mus said, “The share of the E7, which consists of 7 Developing Countries, including Turkey, is expected to increase to 38%. Expectations regarding the global economy indicate that this positive momentum in our country’s economic performance and its progress towards the giants league will continue.”


Stating that they have taken steps to facilitate exporters’ access to finance, Mus said, “We have set up the Export Promotion Fund, which was heralded by our President. With this fund, we will offer a financing opportunity that is completely export-oriented and will only serve our exporters.”


Describing the inspections carried out in 10 Wholesale Markets, 5 chain markets and automotive, Mus said, “There are malicious circles trying to present the inspections as ‘They are trying to reduce prices with police measures’. It is of no value for us that some opponents, who have said, ‘Why is there no control?’, are making a fuss about ‘Why is it being audited today?’ Because the concern of these circles is not the vaccine, bread and welfare of our citizens, but their efforts to obtain political profit.”


TIM Chairman Ismail Gulle, on the other hand, stated that in September, 23 sectors increased their exports compared to the same month of the previous year, and that the steel sector was at the top among the sectors for the first time with an export of $2.6 billion. Gulle said, “The export family has succeeded in increasing exports to 170 countries. Monthly export records were broken in 27 countries, including the USA, Spain, Belgium, Colombia and Chile. While 66 provinces increased their exports, 16 provinces reached the highest monthly export figures in their history. Last month, 1558 companies exported for the first time. Exports were made to 180 countries with a total amount of ₺6.1 billion.”

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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