Turkish Agriculture and Forestry Minister: Turkiye Ranks Among Top 10 Nations in Seed Production

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Ibrahim Yumakli said, “Our country is among the top 10 countries in the world in seed growing. In other words, we produce 97% of the seeds used in this country in the lands of this country.”

Minister Yumakli participated in the “Paddy Seed Supply Program” organized within the scope of the “Enabling the Use of Agricultural Lands Project” in Tosya district of Kastamonu.

In his speech here, Yumakli stated that they do not want even an inch of land to remain empty.

Explaining that Tosya is the capital of paddy rice, Yumakli said, “When it comes to rice, Tosya comes to mind, the second one does not come to mind. In order to further increase this production here and ensure better quality, our Provincial Directorate of Agriculture has implemented the project that we have implemented throughout Turkiye.”

Stating that approximately ₺800 million of agricultural support and investment has been provided to Tosya in the last 22 years, Yumakli said, “1180 projects have been carried out. Approximately 11 investments have been made in the field of water and irrigation. Approximately 35 million saplings were planted to further increase the greenness of Tosya, and we also want the forest industry to progress and develop as a subsidiary sector in Tosya.”

“We export seeds to 117 countries in the world”

Speaking about seed growing in Turkiye, Yumakli continued his words as follows:

“Our country is among the top 10 countries in the world in seed production. In other words, we produce 97% of the seeds used in this country in the lands of this country. There are still people who continue to tell the truth that was once known as wrong. Let me express it again here. Our citizens can be reassured, this country has no problems or issues regarding seeds. Of course, there are areas that we need to improve in some products, and both the institutions of our Ministry and the private sector are developing very rapidly. In other words, we export seeds to 117 countries in the world. We are in such a country situation. Hopefully, we will continue to provide certified seeds to all lands of Anatolia.”

Stating that they will also distribute potato seeds in Tosya with a 50% grant this year, Yumakli said:

“With the program we are currently running, we will be distributing 68 tons of Osmancik variety paddy seeds with a 75% grant. It will continue in April. At the same time, there are tomato and pepper seedlings with a 75% grant. We will also provide greenhouse covers to 100 of our farmers. In 2024, 400 of our farmers and producers will benefit from this. Of course we will do more. We strive to do more. “We always say the same thing, you produce, we are right next to you.”

After the speech, paddy seeds and saplings were distributed to the citizens.

Tosya District Governor Ugur Unsal, Regional Forestry Director Fahri Sonmezoglu and citizens attended the program.

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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