Turkish coffee holds ground against global chains

In a list sharing insight into global coffee preferences by the Coffeeness blog, the beloved Turkish coffee, to no surprise, emerged as the favored brew in Türkiye, despite the proliferation of global coffee chains.

Based on the number of Google searches within a year for 21 types of coffee, the list shows that the country’s population views Turkish coffee as an indispensable delight,renowned for its rich flavor and cultural significance.

While many countries have succumbed to the homogenizing influence of global coffee chains, Türkiye shows unwavering devotion to its local brew which retained its allure amidst a sea of modern coffee options offered by global coffee chains.

However, on the world stage, the Italian cappuccino takes the lead, emerging as the most popular coffee type in 24 countries. This is closely followed by another Italian favorite, espresso, favored in 14 countries.

Meanwhile, filter coffee, popular in the U.S. and northern Europe, ranks third, followed by Americano, mocha and latte sold in coffee chains.

Source: hurriyetdailynews

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