​Turkish Company Baykar Advances Construction of UAV Production Plant in Ukraine

The CEO of the Turkish company Baykar, Haluk Bayraktar, revealed new details to Defense News about the progress of the construction of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) production plant in Ukraine.

According to Haluk Bayraktar, the company has already obtained all the necessary licenses from Turkiye“to fully produce both Baykar’s TB2 and Akinci drones in Ukraine”. At the same time, the construction works, handled by Baykar’s subsidiary company, LLC Avia Ventures,are progressing according to the established plans.

In particular, “much of the preparatory work” is currently underway and electricity is expected to be supplied to the facility next month, in July. The opening of the plant is tentatively scheduled for 2025, with a total planned investment of $95.5 million in construction.

Furthermore, Defense News states that it was given exclusive access to the document, the purpose of which is to promote direct investments in the relevant field and create favorable conditions for technology transfer and use of production. The document specifically includes tax and customs incentives for Turkish investors in the aerospace industry of Ukraine until January 2035.


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