Turkish construction giant buys Ukrainian granite mining business

Turkish multinational Onur Group has acquired Rokytnivskyi Spetskaryer LLC, a Ukrainian company that mines granite, granodiorite and gabbro-diabase at the Rokytne deposit in Rivne Oblast, the company’s Facebook page reported on Aug. 22.

The project is a part of ONUR GROUP Mining & Quarrying.

According to the YouControl data monitoring platform, Onur Construction International LLC became sole owner of Rokytnivskyi Spetskaryer LLC in May 2023. Turkish nationals Ihsan and Onur Çetinceviz were later named as final beneficiaries.

The previous owners were Ihor Pastukh of Rokytne and Inna Samoylyk of Rivne.

Journalist outlet estimates Onur now controls a number of Ukrainian subsurface assets through acquired companies:

  • Granite, granodiorite and gabbro-diabase: Rokytne deposit, Rivne Oblast – Rokytnivskyi Spetskaryer LLC (owners Ihsan and Onur Çetinceviz);
  • Migmatites: Yunashkivske deposit, Vinnytsia Oblast – Yunashkivskyi Spetskaryer LLC (owner Onur Çetinceviz);
  • Primary kaolin: Ivanivska area with Ivanivskyi occurrence, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast – Spys Ukraine LLC (owners Onur Çetinceviz and Murat Kavak);
  • Primary kaolin: Myroliubivsko-Dniprovska area (north-eastern part), Dnipropetrovsk Oblast – Kopie Ukraina LLC;
  • Primary kaolin, sand: Pavlivske deposit, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast – Kopie Ukraina LLC;
  • Gold ores: Zhovtovodska area, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast – Kopie Ukraine LLC;
  • Graphite: Horodnyavska area of Burtyn deposit, Khmelnytskyi Oblast – Kopie Ukraina LLC;
  • Sand: Pivdenno-Trostyanetske deposit, Lviv Oblast – Agrobudservice LLC (owner Onur Çetinceviz).

Ukraine’s State Geology Service previously suspended a special permit for Inter Aktyv LLC,which is linked to sanctioned businessman and former MP Vadym Novynskyi, for five years.


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