Turkish economy and investment opportunities were explained to Spanish business people

Head of the Presidential Investment Office, Burak Daglioglu, told Spanish business people about the Turkish economy and new opportunities to increase investment.

Making a presentation titled “Turkiye is Your Resilient Investment Partner” at the headquarters of the Confederation of Spanish Employers’ Organizations (CEOE) in Madrid, Daglioglu said that Turkiye has achieved strong and stable growth, especially with the reforms it has carried out in the last 20 years, and has an economy with very high productivity.

Daglioglu emphasized that Turkiye has successfully overcome the global economic crises and taken great steps in digitalization and sustainability, and stated that the Turkish market stands out both in its region and in the rest of the world with its market diversity, geostrategic location, strong infrastructure and talented workforce.

Daglioglu said the following, underlining that more than 600 international companies operate in Turkiye. “We have created a hub economy where different components come together for companies investing in Turkiye.”

Daglioglu reminded that Turkiye, which aims to become one of the world’s top 10 economies, has an export target of $400 billion in 2028.

Daglioglu invited Spaniards to evaluate new investment opportunities in the environment, green energy, renewable energy, digitalization, high technology and service sectors.

CEOE International Relations President Blanco: “Turkiye is definitely a strategic market for us”

CEOE International Relations President Marta Blanco said, “For us, Turkiye is definitely a strategic market. Turkiye is very important for many different reasons such as its primary strategic location, close cooperation with Asian and Middle Eastern countries, investment opportunities, and sustainable economic growth in the country.”

Noting that Spanish investors should find new opportunities in Turkiye and focus on them, Blanco stated that more than 70 Spanish investment companies are working actively and constructively in Turkiye.

BBVA Senior Manager Onur Genc said, “When talking about investment opportunities in Turkiye, we need to look at it from a general perspective and evaluate the surrounding developments and external factors.”

Genc stated that “despite all the global uncertainties, Turkiye and Spain are profitable countries for those who invest with their economic growth data and capacities.”

Turkiye’s Ambassador to Madrid Nuket Kucukel Ezberci emphasized that Turkiye and Spain have versatile and strong relations in every field.

Stating that Turkiye and Spain have a common strategic perspective in many areas, Ezberci noted that Spain is one of the countries that best understands that Turkiye’s accession to the EU is of great importance for both Europe and Turkiye.

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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