Turkish firm Karmod builds steel mosque in 45 days

Earthquake-hit mosque rebuilt in Türkiye’s southeastern Kahramanmaras province

Turkish building manufacturer Karmod has completed the construction of a mosque built with a steel system in Türkiye’s southeastern Kahramanmaras province in 45 days.

The company said Wednesday in a statement that they were able to build the new mosque in Afsin district in a very short time with the advantage of the hybrid steel system.

Karmod Board Member and Sustainability Manager Hakan Durmaz said the Osman Mosque was the latest mosque project completed in the earthquake zone.

On Feb. 6, 2023, twin devastating earthquakes struck 11 Turkish provinces and damaged or collapsed thousands of buildings, including in Kahramanmaras.

Durmaz emphasized that mosques built with steel construction systems are earthquake proof.

“In our country, which is faced with the reality of earthquakes, it is useful to remind that it is very important to turn to sustainable solutions in building projects. The steel construction system is a great opportunity to build earthquake-safe buildings,”he said.

“These buildings are constructed using steel construction systems, from the load-bearing poles to the walls and roof. Moreover, since pre-production is carried out entirely on modern factory lines under the quality management system, field production risks are eliminated. Construction processes in the project area can be completed in a very short time,” he added.

Hz. Osman Camii was among 28 damaged mosques in Afsin district.

The mosque was designed with a 285-square-meter steel construction system at Karmod’s technical office, Durmaz said.

Heavy and light steel systems, which are called hybrid steel, were used in the project, he noted.

“In the main congregation area in the front part of the mosque, a height of 5.1 meters was created using a heavy steel system.

“In this 142-square-meter area, with the advantage of the heavy steel system, full openness was provided without using extra columns,” he added.

Light steel systems were used at the rear entrance of the mosque, he added.

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