Turkish firm Karmod’s cabin kiosks see rising demand in UK

‘Cabin kiosks in UK are used for sale of fast food, ice cream, books, tickets,’ says Karmod official

Turkish building manufacturer Karmod’s cabin kiosks are getting popular in the UK as they offer practical solutions for sales points, according to a recent statement from the firm.

The UK is the biggest buyer of Karmod-made GRP kiosk cabins among European countries, said Zekai Kucuk, general manager at Karmod Cabin Solutions, a subsidiary of Karmod.

Kucuk stated that polyester cabins produced with GRP technology provide advantages, such as long-lasting use, leak-proof seal, and air conditioning.

“Our sales kiosks are produced ready for use,fully equipped with electricity and water,” said Kucuk.

The advantages these cabin kiosks provide have been acknowledged in the UK where buyers are choosing Karmod, he added.

He mentioned that they had provided a ticket sales and roller store cabin for the Manchester United soccer club, which had an impact, as Karmod-made cabins were positioned around Old Trafford, a stadium in Manchester.

“We have many cabin kiosks in many parts of the UK, which are used for different purposes such as sale of fast food, ice cream, books, tickets, and more,” he added.

Kucuk highlighted that cabin kiosks are made in sizes ranging from six to 48 square meters, saying: “The shipment of cabins can be made with full factory production or modular on-site installation, and the latter is very practical as individual modular pieces can be shipped separately. Within minutes, wall and roof panels can be assembled, which provides great convenience in meeting store needs of small tradespeople or businesses.”

“Sales kiosks can be opened and put into service immediately at designated points on the same day, enabling the buyer to start earning without wasting time by bringing their products and services to consumers on the same day,” he added.

Karmod-made cabin kiosks are used in many areas in the UK for the sales of newspapers, magazines, tickets, electronic cards, fast food, ice cream, as well as bakery and dairy products.

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