Turkiye aims to export 300 thousand tons of hazelnuts in the 2022-2023 season

Turkiye aims to export 300 thousand tons of hazelnuts in the 2022-2023 season.

Dursun Oguz Gursoy, Vice Chairman of the Black Sea Hazelnut and Products Exporters’ Association, said that 3 months have passed in the export season that started on September 1.

Stating that 95,878 tons of hazelnuts were exported in the said period, $538 million 695 thousand 343 of foreign currency inflow was provided, Gursoy stated that there was an increase in exports to Germany, France, Russia, Libya and Slovakia.

Gursoy stated that there was a slight decrease in exports to Italy, China, Austria, Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Canada and Brazil, and noted that the economic developments in these countries caused a decrease.

Stating that they predict that exports will accelerate especially after the New Year, Gursoy said, “There are very serious hazelnut buyers in countries such as Italy, China and Poland. Exports to these countries may accelerate in the new year. We expect more demand in January and February. Exports will accelerate in the second period of the season. “

Reminding that the 2022-2023 export season will end on August 31, Gursoy said, “Our vision and target as exporters is to export 300 thousand tons of hazelnuts at the end of the season, and to provide the country with $2 billion of foreign exchange in return for these exports.”

Emphasizing that Turkish hazelnuts now occupy a certain place in exports, Gursoy said, “Turkiye can now sell 300 thousand tons of hazelnuts very comfortably. In some years, this figure can be exceeded. This is a very important success of the country and the hazelnut exporter.”

Promotional activities continue in alternative markets

Gursoy stated that hazelnut is produced on an area of 725 thousand hectares between the Georgian border and Istanbul, and said that this product is of great importance especially in the economy of the Black Sea Region.

Drawing attention to the fact that hazelnut exports are made to 120 countries from Turkiye, Gursoy stated that natural and roasted hazelnut kernels constitute a significant part of this export, while a part of it is processed puree (roasted hazelnut kernels are crushed and pureed), minced meat and shelled hazelnuts.

Dursun Oguz Gursoy pointed out that the efforts to further increase the export of Turkish hazelnuts continue, and said:

“Apart from the traditional markets, promotional activities to increase the export figures in alternative markets continue. Friends attend fairs in these countries. We already have exports to these countries. With the increase in export figures in these markets, we will come to better points in terms of both quantity and foreign currency.”

Source: Trthaber / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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