Turkiye aims to triple its steel door exports

Koksal Kaya, Chairman of the Board of Steel Door Industrialists and Businessmen Association, stated that they aim to triple Turkiye’s steel door exports.

Kaya told the AA correspondent at the “Kapex Anatolian Door, Window and Accessories Fair” held in Kayseri that steel doors produced in Turkiye have become sought after in the world market.

Stating that many important studies have been carried out in the field of steel doors in Turkiye, Kaya stated that they are trying to move steel doors beyond a security material.

Emphasizing that they export steel doors to different parts of the world, Kaya said:

“We have a significant market share mainly in the Middle East, North Africa and South African countries. Currently, the Balkan countries and the Turkish Republics are also our developing markets. Our target market is America. America is the largest importer in the world. Hopefully, we want to get a share from that market, too. In terms of exports, we are ranked 8th in the steel door market in the world. China ranks first because it is price-oriented. Before us, there are European countries such as Germany and the Netherlands. We have exports of approximately $260 million. This is not enough for us. With our work, we aim to triple this in a short time.”

Preferred due to price and security

Kaya stated that they will rise higher in the world rankings thanks to national and international fairs, initiatives such as the e-commerce platform they established as an association, and the unity and solidarity of sector representatives.

Underlining that Turkish steel doors attract attention in the world, Kaya said, “Turkish steel doors are well known and preferred in the international market. They are preferred both because of the price and the security elements and aesthetics they provide. As Turkiye, we are in a stable position in 8th place. The biggest aim of the establishment and activities of the association is to move from this 8th rank to a higher level annually or in two-year periods.”

Kaya added that countries that want steel doors can make requests according to the situation of that region, and that elements such as security, decoration and technology come to the fore.

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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