Turkiye becomes center of attraction in yacht tourism

Turkiye’s influence on the yacht sector continues to expand as the country has both become a top destination for the most famous mega yachts in the world and a yacht production hub that exported $500 million worth of yachts this year.

Securing its place among the top 10 countries in terms of yacht manufacturing, Turkiye’s success in the field is rapidly climbing. In 2022, $1.45 billion worth of exports were realized in the ship, yacht and services sector and exports worth $550 million were recorded in 2023 as of mid-June.

Sharing the information that there are a considerable number of mega yacht projects currently in the production phase, Turkish manufacturers state that several customized yacht orders are expected to be delivered to customers this year.

Pointing out that the success of Turkish yacht manufacturers is known worldwide, especially in the “custom-made” mega yacht category, Murat Bekiroğlu, board member of the Yacht and Boat Industry Association (YATED), told daily Milliyet that the advantages in labor cost and manufacturing quality make the country’s name prominent in European markets, and the annual growth in the market is 20 percent on average.

Meanwhile, the country’s southern coasts also attract great interest from foreigners in terms of cruises and boating holidays.

Bodrum and Göcek bays are hosting many vacationers with a wide range of yacht models, from small boats to mega yachts exceeding 100 meters in length. The production, design, and renovation of all these yacht groups are carried out in the nation as well.

Greece, another nation with an ambitious maritime industry, has taken notice of the fact that yachts from all over the world visit Turkiye’s marinas.

It was reported that BFG Provisions, a famous yacht service company based in Greece, decided to open its first office in Bodrum.

Sector professionals believe that cruise tourism is also experiencing its golden season, as cruise trips are becoming more attractive given the soaring hotel prices and transport costs.

According to the latest statistics of Transport and Infrastructure Ministry on cruises and cruise passengers arriving at Turkish ports in the first seven months of 2023, a total of 43,716 passengers have arrived on the nation’s coasts on 574 cruise ships.


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