Turkiye Ends Probe into Ferrero Over Hazelnut Market Monopoly Allegations

Ferrero’s commitment to fair hazelnut pricing in Türkiye concludes a probe into its market practices, promising a future of balanced dynamics.

Türkiye’s Competition Authority (RK) recently concluded its investigation into the Italian confectionery giant Ferrero, addressing concerns raised by local hazelnut farmers. The probe, initiated over allegations of Ferrero’s monopolistic practices in the hazelnut market, ended after the company committed to purchasing hazelnuts at fair prices, ensuring a more equitable treatment of local producers. This development marks a significant turn in the relationship between the multinational corporation and Türkiye’s agricultural sector, promising a future of more balanced corporate-farmer dynamics.

Background and Allegations

The investigation into Ferrero was launched in 2022 following complaints from local hazelnut farmers. They accused the company of exploiting its dominant position in the market to purchase hazelnuts at prices below their value, subsequently selling its products,including the famed Nutella spread and Ferrero Rocher chocolates, at a premium. As the world’s largest hazelnut producer, Türkiye’s economy is significantly impacted by the agricultural sector, with hazelnut exports reaching over 280,000 tons, valued at approximately $1.86 billion in 2023. Ferrero, which has been sourcing hazelnuts from Türkiye for over thirty years and employs more than 1,000 people in the country, faced scrutiny for its purchasing practices amid these allegations.

Resolution and Commitments

In response to the Competition Authority’s investigation, Ferrero made several commitments to address the concerns of the hazelnut farming community. Most notably, the company pledged to buy in-shell hazelnuts at not below the intervention reference price, a move aimed at ensuring farmers receive a fair compensation for their produce. This commitment signifies Ferrero’s willingness to engage in ethical business practices and supports the sustainability of Türkiye’s hazelnut industry. The Competition Authority’s acceptance of these commitments led to the closure of the investigation, with the Authority and Ferrero expressing mutual satisfaction over the resolution.

Implications for the Future

The conclusion of this investigation marks a pivotal moment for hazelnut farmers in Türkiye and sets a precedent for how multinational corporations engage with local producers. By committing to fair purchasing practices, Ferrero not only ensures the sustainability of its supply chain but also contributes to the economic well-being of thousands of farmers. This development may encourage other companies to adopt more ethical business practices, fostering a more equitable and sustainable agricultural sector in Türkiye and beyond. As the global community continues to advocate for corporate responsibility, the resolution of the Ferrero investigation serves as a testament to the potential for positive change through collaborative efforts.

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