Turkiye: Ephesus Village embraces agro-tourism to reach global audience

Ephesus Field Life Village, established to introduce agricultural activities and education among locals, has been gradually introduced to the world as an agro-tourism destination through several international tours and events.

Organized in cooperation with Germany-based tourism company Touristic Union International (TUI) and National Geographic, the “Influential Women of Türkiye: From Past to Present” tour offered the chance to their VIP visitors from Europe to visit Ephesus Field Life Village in the western province of İzmir’s Selçuk district.

Visiting the historical destinations of the ancient city of Ephesus, the group received information on agricultural practices, the importance of local seeds and family farming at the Efes Field Life Village.

Providing information regarding the village and tour, Selçuk Mayor Filiz Ceritoğlu Sengel noted that the “Influential Women of Türkiye: From Past to Present”contributed to the promotion of the ancient city and Ephesus Field Life Village.

“Thanks to this, the attraction of tourists widened with a different angle for Ephesus, the center of the city, while our efforts in the Efes Field Life Village displays what women can do at present, have been opened to visitors as well. It is beneficial in many ways. The most important benefit is that you can also see the other values of this city, which is home to the Virgin Mary and Artemis. In this way, we have been growing much more and, frankly speaking, proving that Ephesus is a valuable place for agro-tourism,” Cengel expressed.

“Our city center and the various works in the city that we performed attracted a lot of attention from European tourists. It was the second tour organized. Tours will continue. We take this opportunity to thank both National Geographic Magazine and TUI and all agents.”


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