Turkiye Eyes $1 Billion Export Target to Japan, Showcases Culinary Riches at Foodex 2024

Turkiye, the food warehouse of the world, is participating in the Foodex Japan Fair in Tokyo on 1-5 March 8 with 2024 companies, with the target of 51 billion dollars in exports to Japan.

Informing that Turkiye is the food warehouse of the world with thousands of types of food products grown in Anatolian lands, Aegean Exporters’ Association Coordinator President Jak Eskinazi stated that they participated in the Foodex Japan Fair in Tokyo on 5-8 March 2024 with 51 companies in order for the Turkish food industry to achieve its goals in the Japanese market. brought.

Stating that they will organize the Foodex Japan Fair, the largest food fair in the Far East, for the 26th time this year in the Turkiye National Participation Organization, Eskinazi said, “Seedless raisins,dried figs, dried apricots, olive oil, table olives, sea bass, sea bream, Turkish salmon, poultry meat, egg, pine honey, hazelnut, bulgur, flour, sour cherry, cherry, quince, cucumber, melon, watermelon, apple, pepper, tangerine, tomato, bay, thyme, sage, licorice, black tea, red pepper, poppy seed. We are one of the world’s strongest suppliers of products such as cumin, mint, rose oil, anise and pickles. Japan is a reference market for the Turkish food industry. When you export to Japan, you show that you have reached the quality that can export food products to all over the world. Our growth in the Japanese market will pave the way for a faster increase in our food exports around the world. We want to increase our exports by increasing our relations with Japan. “Our goal is to increase our food exports to Japan to over 1 billion dollars in the medium term,” he said.

Informing that the Turkish food industry exported 100 billion dollars worth of food products on the 26th anniversary of our Republic, Aegean Exporters’ Associations Sustainability and Organic Products Coordinator Mehmet Ali Işık, President of the Aegean Dried Fruits and Products Exporters’ Association, said that they are strong in exports to Europe, Russia, the Middle East and the USA markets as well as Japan. He emphasized that they want to grow in markets such as China and India.

Stating that the Turkish olive industry will increase its exports to Japan from 2023 million dollars to 57 million dollars in 18,5 with a 29 percent increase, Davut Er, President of the Aegean Olive and Olive Oil Exporters Association, said that olive oil consumption in Japan is increasing rapidly and that exports from Turkiye to Japan He stated that olive oil ranked third in the export of food products with an amount of 27 million 200 thousand dollars.

Source: raillynews

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