Turkiye Retailers Federation Initiates “Price Stabilization and Discount” Campaign in Local Chain Stores During Ramadan

President Ömer Düzgün of the Turkey Retailers Federation (TPF) announced the launch of a comprehensive “Price Stabilization and Discount” campaign on hundreds of products throughout the Ramadan month.

In a written statement, Düzgün emphasized that as the umbrella organization for 14 retail associations with a total of 7,700 branches nationwide, they have embarked on a new campaign during the Ramadan season to ease the financial burden on consumers.

Düzgün revealed that they have stabilized prices on hundreds of products during the Ramadan period, stating, “As local chains, we are determined to do our best to contribute to our citizens’ budgets and support economic stability. Only through unity can we overcome the challenges of the current situation. Our priority is to ensure price stability in our stores during this period and to ensure that our people have a comfortable Ramadan.”

In preparation for the Ramadan season, Düzgün mentioned that they have engaged in discussions with industry representatives, stating, “We are ready for Ramadan. We have stabilized prices on hundreds of products in 7,700 local chain stores. Until the end of the holiday, citizens will be able to purchase hundreds of products at 25% more affordable prices through region-specific campaigns organized every week. This includes essential food items such as legumes, oil, tea, sugar, flour, pasta, and more. In addition to food, we will also offer discounts on snacks, cleaning products, detergents, and paper goods.”

Düzgün concluded by calling on all producers and suppliers to support the campaign, emphasizing the importance of collective efforts in making a positive impact during these challenging times.

source: aa.com.tr/ prepared by Melisa Beğiç

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