Turkiye took its place at Web Summit 2023

DEIK Digital Technologies Business Council President Erdem Erkul stated that they attended the Web Summit 2023 held in Lisbon with nearly 40 startups, 7 medium and large-scale companies and approximately 250 people from Turkiye.

In his statement to AA correspondent, Erkul stated that they aim to increase the number of technology companies and entrepreneurs participating in the Web Summit, and that they shared the country’s goals in the field of technology and why investments should be made in Turkiye with participants from all over the world at the event.

Erkul stated that Web Summit 2023 included more than 70 thousand participants from more than 160 countries, nearly 40 startups, 7 medium and large-sized companies and nearly 250 people from Turkiye. He emphasized that there is an opportunity to cooperate with the world’s leading technology leaders, investors and entrepreneurs here.

Stating that they are trying to create an ecosystem at Web Summit, Erkul said:

“At the event, our companies and startups have the opportunity to explain and introduce themselves. We also come together with investors, entrepreneurs and technology leaders through one-on-one meetings. We want to increase the number of Turkish companies in the Fortune 500. We believe that this will happen with technology and innovation. In this sense, we think that our companies can also enter the list with the leverage effect of technology. Here, we both explain the innovative solutions we make and follow world trends.”

Pointing out that Turkiye is the country with the youngest population in Europe, Erkul said, “Success has been achieved with clustering in the defense industry. Clustering continues in the fields of cyber security, artificial intelligence, gaming and e-commerce. We are ranked 2nd in Europe in the field of gaming and in the top 4 in the world. In addition, our collaborations in these areas continue.”

Stating that Turkiye is not slow in developing new generation technologies, Erkul added that Turkiye will be a strong player worldwide in the field of new generation technologies in the next 5 years with its infrastructure, internet penetration and more than 1200 R&D centers.

Source: Trthaber / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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