Türkiye’s fruit, vegetables exports soar

Exporters of the last three years have been awarded by the Istanbul Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters’ Association (IYMSİB) at an award ceremony over the weekend.

The exports of the sector increased by 24 percent in the 11 months covering the January-November period compared to the same period of the previous year and reached $2.28 billion, said Melisa Tokgöz Mutlu, chairman of the board of directors of İYMSİB, in her opening speech of the ceremony.

In the same period, exports from Istanbul reached $452 million,with an increase of 17 percent, Mutlu added.

She noted that despite the war, Russia and Ukraine were among the countries that exported the most fresh fruit and vegetables.

“Our total exports to these two warring countries, $168.3 million to Russia and $23.6 million to Ukraine, approached $200 million,” Mutlu said.

“With the end of the war, our exports to both markets will increase even more. On the other hand, our exports to Qatar, where the World Cup was held, increased by nearly 100 percent in November and reached $2.1 million.”

Noting that with the measures to be taken within the scope of the Green Agreement, there will be a transformation in many sectors, especially agriculture, in the EU, Mutlu said, “This concerns us very closely.”
“We export most of our exports to EU countries. We, too, are working to do our best on production, traceability and transparency at international standards under the umbrella of sustainability.”


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