Turkiye’s furniture exports reached $3.1 billion

Furniture, Paper and Forest Products sector’s exports in the first 8 months of the decade reached $3.11 billion.

According to the statement of Istanbul Exporters’ Associations (IIB), Turkiye’s export figures for August 2022, which continues its steady growth in different sectors with record export figures, were announced by the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM).

Accordingly, Turkiye’s exports increased by 13.2% last month, reaching $21.3 billion, making it the highest August export of all time. In the January-August period, exports reached $165 billion 672 million with an increase of 18.3%.

Continuing to increase its contribution to the economy with investment and export figures, the August export of the Furniture, Paper and Forestry Products sector was realized as $733 million, increasing by 21% compared to the same period of the previous year. The contribution of the sector to Turkiye’s exports in the 8 months of the year was $5,45 billion.

August exports reached $407 million

The furniture sector, which continues to increase its export share every month, achieved a total of $407 million in exports in August. The 8-month exports of the furniture industry reached $3.11 billion in total.

Among the countries to which the furniture industry exports the most in the 8 months of the year, Iraq ranked first with $337 million, while Germany took the second place with $272.4 million. While exports to Israel amounted to $169.5 million, furniture exports to the United States, which ranked fourth, amounted to $169.3 million, and to France, which ranked fifth, amounted to $141.7 million.

The country with the highest increase in export share this year was Qatar with 74.3%, and $119.3 million of furniture was exported to the country in the first 8 months of the year. Among the products that stood out in furniture exports during the period were bedsteads and cradles for children, furniture for sitting, wooden furniture for dining and living rooms, metal furniture and furniture for sitting that could be turned into beds.

Erkan Ozkan, Chairman of the Istanbul Furniture, Paper and Forest Products Exporters’ Association, whose views are included in the statement, stated that they are extremely pleased to be increasing their exports as an industry at a time when global developments such as the effects of the Russia-Ukraine war and high energy prices, in addition to the recession concerns around the world.

Özkan stated that the efforts of companies to add new ones to their existing markets abroad also contributed significantly to exports, adding, “In addition, the fair season has opened with the autumn season. In the coming months, our companies will contribute to the performance of furniture exports in the last quarter by participating in both domestic and international fairs related to our sector.”

Source: Trthaber / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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