Turkiye’s New Year’s lottery prize set at $13.9 million

Türkiye’s grand New Year’s lottery prize has been set at 400 million Turkish Liras ($13.9 million), while the total prize amount will be more than 2.3 billion liras ($80.2 million).

The national lottery jackpot is especially big on New Year’s Eve in Türkiye. A single ticket this year is sold for 400 liras (around $14), which lets the buyer win the entire jackpot. With a half ticket sold at 200 liras, the buyer shares the jackpot with someone else. And a quarter ticket is sold for one-fourth, at 100 liras.

Each ticket has a number on it, and for the half and quarter tickets, there are two and four tickets, respectively, out there in the country with the same number.

In the draw, the entire jackpot will be distributed with the rule determined last year. Regardless of the ticket share, the jackpot will be shared equally among the owners of the winning tickets.

The draw will continue until the big jackpot ticket is sold.

Last year’s big prize was 200 million liras (then $10.7 million) and was split between four people who bought the quarter ticket with the number 6530303.

With the change made in 2022,the number of bonus categories was increased from 13 to 15, while the number of codes to be drawn was increased from 622 to 1,012. The same distribution rates will continue this year.

The jackpot draw will be broadcast live on television on the night of Dec. 31, 2023, and all draw results will be announced online.

Source: hurriyetdailynews

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