Turkiye’s top water parks to visit in summer

Not only has Turkiye some amazing aquaparks to enjoy in the sweltering heat, but many are located in prime vacation destinations or in areas of historical significance making for a great side-activity for the kids on any trip

Summer will soon be upon us with the upcoming midterm school break. This means it might be time to think about fun activities that everyone in the family can enjoy, may it be a child or an adult. Check out these six water parks in Turkiye that are worthy to make a special stop for a family vacation.

Adaland in Kuşadası

Cited as Europe’s largest Waterpark, Adaland in Kuşadası appeals to both, the kids and the child within us adults,with adrenaline-filled rides like Head Down, in which you can race with friends sliding down headfirst. There is also a Freefall slide with a straight descent down and a couple of loop slides that will take you upside down and back.

Turkiye's top water parks to visit in summer 2

The family-friendly Amazoon has six-person boats traversing a nearly half a kilometer-long slide. But there are rafting rides on a course with raging waves, a wave pool to play and surf in, a rain dance area and a huge jacuzzi. The only downside of the park is the summer season won’t start until May.

Aqua Fantasy in Selçuk

Aqua Fantasy Aquapark Hotel and Spa, located in the historical district of Selçuk is both a hotel and an expansive waterpark. In fact, this may be one of the largest-capacity aquaparks in Turkiye. There are slides appealing to both children and adults. For example, for adults, X-Treme is a slide that has people reach a speed of 80 kph (around 50 mph) as they descend into the water. The Screamer, as the name implies, is not for the faint-hearted, Boomerango has riders going up and down and Proracer is a slide that doubles as a race course.

Besides water slides, there are also a number of fun pools to enjoy including a wave pool and an adventure lake, apart from an adult pool. This venue can serve as an excellent base to discover the region’s historical sights such as Ephesus and the House of the Virgin Mary, while keeping up the fun factor for the kids.

Land of Legends in Belek

As the name implies, The Land of Legends is a legendary waterpark for the kids as it also doubles as an amusement park with lots of features for a full day’s fun and entertainment. Not only is this venue considered to be Turkiye’s answer to Disneyland, where people can come for a day’s entertainment or stay on the premises at the Kingdom Hotel. A stay at the Rixos Hotel will also grant free entry to amusement park guests.

As for the amusement park, there are huge adrenaline-rushing roller coasters in the sky and one that will have you riding over 80 kph. As for the aquapark, there are lots of fun slides for the kids and more adrenaline-rush options such as the Abyss, which have you sliding in the dark for those seeking adventure.

There is a wave pool and the option to surf in it as well as a number of family rafting slides, but the most exciting feature at this theme park is their Mythical Journey, which offers the opportunity to swim amongst tropical fish in a pseudo-scuba diving activity.

Aquajoy in Manavgat

Located in Antalya’s Manavgat and with over a dozen slides, Aquajoy Su Parkı is one of the biggest waterparks in Turkiye. From the pirate-themed Aqua Tower to the King Kobra slide, which allows tandem rides on two slides side-by-side, there is fun to be had for every child or not. There is also the fun Flying Boats slide, which has you navigating a ride in the sky, a Freefall slide, which speaks for itself, and wave and rafting slides to name just a few, and an ample splash area. This waterpark also has food stalls and shops, making for a fun day for all. There are no cash transactions in the park, instead, you load funds onto a bracelet, which is refunded if not used.

Oasis Aquapark in Çeşme

Another simple waterpark attraction for the kids is the Oasis Aquapark in Çeşme, which offers entertainment for the young ones in this holiday destination that is actually geared more toward the rich and famous. Don’t get me wrong, there are also a few slides that could get anyone’s heart pumping such as the Black Hole, which takes riders through a dark tunnel broken up by shining colorful lights.

The Looping Rocket ride is another entertaining one for adults as the floor beneath you suddenly releases into a slide with a series of loops. This water park also has a near-obligatory wave pool and a warm jacuzzi to relax in.

Bodrum Aquapark in Ortakent

One of the oldest and largest waterparks in Turkiye, Bodrum Aquapark is a decent option for those staying in Bodrum with children who want to entertain them. Admittedly, a lesser-exciting option for adults, however, the park is worth it for its expansive grounds at 36,000 square meters (387,500 square feet) and for stopping everything for a fun foam and water-gun party amongst guests. It’s also located close to the Midtown shopping center if you want to plan lots of activities during the day.


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