Garanti BBVA’s Tech Factory Sets New Standards in Turkish Banking

Explore how Garanti BBVA is transforming complex financial transactions into simple, user-friendly processes at its Technology Campus. Learn about their dedication to agility, innovation, and empowering women in technology, backed by over $5 billion in investments.

Imagine stepping into a world where technology seamlessly blends with everyday banking, transforming complex financial transactions into simple, user-friendly processes. This is no longer a vision of the future but a reality brought to life by Garanti BBVA at its Technology Campus, a place where innovation thrives, and customer service reaches new heights. At a recent event, the bank unveiled its technology strategy and investments, marking a significant milestone not just for the institution but for the entire Turkish banking sector.

A Commitment to Innovation and Customer Experience

At the heart of Garanti BBVA’s announcement is a clear message: technology is not just an operational tool but a strategic asset that can enhance the banking experience for customers. Recep Baştuğ, CEO of Garanti BBVA, along with İlker Kuruöz, Executive Vice President of Engineering and Data Services, and Fatih Bektaşoğlu, General Manager of Garanti BBVA Technology, shared insights into how the bank is pioneering the sector’s digital transformation. Their discussions emphasized the bank’s dedication to agility, innovation, and a robust technological infrastructure designed to meet changing customer needs.

Empowering Women in Technology

In an industry often criticized for its gender disparity, Garanti BBVA Technology stands out with its 41 percent female tech workforce. This statistic is not just a number but a testament to the bank’s commitment to diversity and equality. By fostering an inclusive environment, Garanti BBVA is not only enhancing its team’s creativity and innovation but also setting a new standard for the industry. The ‘tech factory,’ as it is affectionately known, employs 2,400 people who are at the forefront of developing new business models and improving IT processes.

Driving Forward with Over $5 Billion in Investments

The bank’s relentless focus on technology is backed by substantial investments. Over the last 25 years, Garanti BBVA has injected more than $5 billion into its technology initiatives. This financial commitment has enabled the ‘tech factory’ to lead the charge in the banking sector’s digital transformation, simplifying banking for customers and creating unprecedented value. From the development of GenAI and ChatGPT technology, Garanti BBVA is not just keeping pace with the digital era; it’s setting the pace,redefining what’s possible in banking.

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