Turkmenistan becomes 3rd country to receive Turkiye’s domestic car, Togg

Turkmenistan has become the latest country to receive Turkiye’s domestically-developed first fully electric vehicle, Togg, following its previous deliveries to Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

During the opening ceremonies of Arkadağ Smart City, Türkiye’s Industry and Technology Minister Mehmet Fatih Kacır presented two white Toggs to Turkmenistan President Serdar Berdimuhammedov in the presence of Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Türkiye (TOBB) Chairperson Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu.

The presence of two separate Toggs at the ceremony was highly appreciated, with gratitude extended to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for his involvement.

The Turkmenistanis were captivated by the newly acquired Toggs. In adherence to local traditions, women donning traditional attire wafted hibiscus incense around the vehicles to ward off ill intentions.

Camel wool amulets known as “Caps” were also affixed to the Toggs’ steering wheels, and the vehicles were showered with flourishes to symbolize prosperity.

Turkmenistan’s ministers were also in attendance at the handover ceremony.

Berdimuhammedov personally tested Togg’s T10X model and expressed his admiration for the car.

During his address at the ceremony, Kacır expressed his hope that Togg would continue to garner his appreciation worldwide.

He highlighted the significance of presenting Togg vehicles, crafted by Turkish engineers, at the inauguration of a smart city.

“We take immense pride in delivering Togg cars to Turkmenistan, following our successful ventures in Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.”

“We anticipate that Togg vehicles will continue to receive widespread acclaim, not only within Turkiye but also across the globe, particularly among the Turkic Republics and our neighboring regions.”

In Turkiye, some 306 Togg T10X were delivered in May, although the carmaker had said it planned to deliver 1,000 units in May out of 20,000 units projected for this year.

Mass production of T10X was launched last October and deliveries started in late April.

The vehicle is initially sold with one engine type and two battery options. It will feature battery packs with 52.4 and 88.5 kilowatt-hours capacities, boasting ranges of 314 and 523 kilometers (195 and 325 miles).

The batteries of the Togg T10X can be recharged up to 80% from 20% in less than 28 minutes at fast-charging stations.

A consortium of five Turkish companies called the Automobile Initiative Group of Turkiye, or Togg, manufactures the vehicle in cooperation with the TOBB.

Besides the SUV, Togg will manufacture four other models – a sedan, C-hatchback, B-SUV and B-MPV – by 2030. The sedan will follow the mass production of the SUV.

The current production capacity of around 100,000 vehicles per year will reach 175,000 once Togg’s factory reaches total capacity.


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