Turksat 6A satellite will be sent into space in March next year

Industry and Technology Minister Kacir stated that the first national communication satellite Turksat 6A was developed by TUBITAK UZAY, “The tests took a little longer, but we got the promise. Hopefully, we will successfully send Turksat 6A into space, like IMECE, in March 2024.”

Industry and Technology Minister Mehmet Fatih Kacir attended the ceremony held at the institution for the 60th anniversary of TUBITAK.

In his speech here, Kacir said that the institution leads the science and technology ecosystem with its innovative and entrepreneurial approach.

Emphasizing that TUBITAK has taken the first steps in the infrastructure of science, technology and R&D ecosystem by strengthening the research capabilities of the country, Kacir stated that the institution is the flag bearer of the “National Technology Move”.

Kacir stated that the successful realization of the “National Technology Move” would be possible with a strong, technology-leading and competent industry, to be a developing country rather than consuming technology. For this reason, Kacir stated that they have increased their R&D and innovation capabilities with TUBITAK industry support programs, and that they have enabled the private sector to embrace R&D culture and develop technology and innovation-oriented projects.

Kacir drew attention to the importance of the industry in R&D and said:

“We increased the number of supported projects from 386 in 2002 to 3 thousand 669 in 2022, and the amount of support from ₺712 million to ₺1.7 billion in today’s figures. Since 2002, we have provided more than ₺57 billion in support to 24 thousand 202 projects. Since 2012, we have supported 2 thousand 140 entrepreneurs with ₺1.23 billion.”

Kacir stated that the number of projects, which were 781 projects in 2002, was increased more than 5 times and reached 4 thousand 129 in 2022, within the scope of support programs for the academy and the public, and that they increased the amount of support provided from ₺133 million to over ₺3.5 billion.

TUBITAK offers solutions in health and efficient production methods

Kacir stated that the research supported by TUBITAK will continue to offer solutions for a more sustainable world, better health services, more efficient production methods and a fairer society. “In the coming period, we will strengthen our country’s place in the world in priority R&D and innovation issues, artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing, cyber security, biotechnological drugs, motor technologies, advanced materials and semiconductors, and advanced photonic and quantum technologies, and establish the scientific basis in key technologies, with different support and financial mechanisms.”

Minister Kacir noted that they will make the country the pioneer of green transformation with their R&D and innovation studies in the fields of environment and biodiversity, circular economy, clean, accessible and safe energy supply, green and sustainable agriculture, and sustainable smart transportation for the European Green Consensus and climate change.

Emphasizing that they attribute a special value to TUBITAK , Kacir made the following assessment:

“In the Turkiye of the future, TUBITAK will continue to maintain its leading role in the future as it does today. Together with TUBITAK, which works for a fully independent and prosperous Turkiye, we will deepen its expertise in critical research areas of Turkiye in line with the vision of the National Technology Move in the coming period. We will continue to support the commercialization of research results and the transformation of our entrepreneurs’ ideas into products on the way to global leadership. We will continue to support our country’s R&D and innovation ecosystems with the active participation of all high technology and innovation ecosystems. We will continue to bring science and technology together with all segments of society through workshops, TEKNOFESTs we organize, and publications. We are determined to make the ‘Turkish Century’ the century of science, digitalization, production and development. In the ‘Century of Turkiye’, I hope we will reach all our goals and raise our country above the level of contemporary civilizations.”

Reminding that the first national communication satellite Turksat 6A was also developed by TUBITAK UZAY, Kacir said, “The tests took a little longer, but we got the word. Hopefully, we will successfully send Turksat 6A into space in March 2024, just like IMECE.”

“TUBITAK is the most important institution that comes to mind in the technology and innovation ecosystem”

TUBITAK President Prof. Dr. Hasan Mandal said that TUBITAK has been one of the most important institutions that come to mind in the creation of a science, technology and innovation ecosystem for 60 years in the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Turkiye.

Emphasizing that they know very well the responsibilities of Turkiye as a developed country in the world, Mandal said that he also carried out his doctorate and research projects with the support of TUBITAK. Mandal said, “Thousands, tens of thousands of researchers, scientists and entrepreneurs like me have been in the science, technology and innovation ecosystem in our country over the past 60 years through TUBITAK.”

Mandal stated that human resources are needed in innovative knowledge production and technology development to solve the difficulties encountered and more complex problems.

After the speeches, experienced TUBITAK employees and retirees who have completed their 25 years at TUBITAK were given plaques.

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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