TürkTraktör Introduces Electric Garden Tractor with 3.5 Hours of Continuous Plowing on a Single Charge

TürkTraktör’s production, the “New Holland T3 Electric Power” garden tractor, offers 3.5 hours of usage with a single charge, especially designed for plowing.

Ahmet Canbeyli, Commercial Business Leader of TürkTraktör, informed AA correspondent that they participated in the Konya Agricultural Fair, which opened on March 5, with TürkTraktör’s New Holland and Case IH brands.

Canbeyli explained that they launched many new products in various fields and stated, “Electric vehicles have been a part of our lives in Turkey for a long time. We also see this globally, especially in the automotive sector. As TürkTraktör, we have been conducting significant R&D activities on electric tractors since 2019. We are introducing the first outcome of this today in Konya to our farmers. The New Holland T3 Electric Power is present at our stand today. It is a tractor with about 75 kilowatt-hours, approximately 100 horsepower, a result of our important research and development activities.”

Canbeyli pointed out that there is no difference between the standard tractors that can be used in the garden, emphasizing, “The battery pack inside, the transmission we developed specifically for this tractor, is one of the most important differences of our tractor. It will be a tractor that farmers who want to engage in sustainable agriculture in the new era, reduce emissions to zero, and engage in organic farming will use with pleasure.”

Stating that the tractor has successfully completed field tests, Canbeyli mentioned that they plan to commercialize the product around November-December this year.

Canbeyli stated that the tractor can be charged with fast charging in 1 hour, and with standard charging, it takes 3.5 hours. He mentioned the design for garden use, saying, “According to this, when the tractor is idle, it can be used for about 7 hours with about 10 kilowatt-hours of power. For a trailer with 15 kilowatt-hours of power, it can be used for 5 hours. Spraying is an important activity in gardens. With an average usage of 20 kilowatt-hours in spraying, it operates in the field for 3.5-4 hours. For plowing, one of the heaviest uses, it offers uninterrupted power for 3.5 hours with about 25 kilowatt-hours of usage. We have developed it to perform all the tasks farmers need in the field with an internal combustion engine tractor in this electric tractor. As TürkTraktör, it is a product we developed under our New Holland brand. Today, we are introducing it to our farmers for the first time at the Konya fair.”

source: prepared by Melisa Beğiç

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