Ultraviolette F77 Electric Motorcycle Launches in Turkiye, Marks European Foray with K-Rides

Ultraviolette F77, in partnership with K-Rides, launches in Turkiye, setting new standards in electric motorcycles and expanding into Europe.

Ultraviolette Automotive, in a strategic partnership with Kibar Holding’s K-Rides, has officially entered the European market, starting with Turkiye. The collaboration was unveiled at Motobike Istanbul 2024, where the Ultraviolette F77,a high-performance electric motorcycle, was introduced to the Turkish audience. This move not only signifies Ultraviolette’s European market entry but also marks a significant milestone in the brand’s global expansion efforts.

Strategic Alliance and Market Entry

The alliance between Ultraviolette Automotive and Kibar Holding through K-Rides is a strategic move aimed at capturing the Turkish market with the F77, a bike that boasts of an aviation-inspired design and top-notch performance metrics. Gökhan Lokmanoğlu, Chief Corporate Development Officer at Kibar Holding, emphasized the importance of introducing high-performance, uniquely designed motorcycles like the F77 to the Turkish rider community. The partnership aims to leverage Ultraviolette’s innovative design and K-Rides’ market presence to make significant inroads into the Turkish market.

Features and Specifications of the F77

The F77 is not just any electric motorcycle; it is a testament to Ultraviolette’s commitment to innovation and performance. Equipped with a 30 kW (40 bhp) PMS electric motor and capable of achieving 100 Nm torque, the F77 can go from 0-60 kmph in just 2.9 seconds, with a top speed of 152 kmph. Its 10.3 kWh battery promises a range of 307 km on a single charge, setting a new benchmark for electric two-wheelers in India and potentially the global market. The F77 also features a 5-inch TFT instrument console with smartphone connectivity, all-LED lighting, rider telematics, 9-axis IMU, and dual-channel ABS among other advanced features..

Pricing and Availability

The Ultraviolette F77’s entry into the Turkish market is marked by competitive pricing, starting from ₹3.80 lakh ($4550) for the Original variant and going up to ₹4.55 lakh ($5440) for the Recon variant. The bike’s launch and its pricing strategy are designed to make high-performance electric biking accessible to a broader audience, without compromising on quality or features. With deliveries in Europe set to begin in the second quarter of 2024, the F77 is poised to make a significant impact on the electric vehicle market in Turkiye and beyond.

The introduction of the Ultraviolette F77 in Turkiye, in partnership with K-Rides, is more than just a new product launch; it’s a bold step towards the future of electric mobility. This move not only expands Ultraviolette’s footprint globally but also sets a new standard for electric performance motorcycles in the European market. As the world moves closer to sustainable transportation solutions, partnerships like these are pivotal in accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles, promising an exciting future for enthusiasts and the environment alike.

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