VakifBank’s new payment service, VakifPayS, received permission to issue electronic money

VakifBank’s new subsidiary, VakifPayS, received permission to provide payment services and issue electronic money in order to contribute to Turkiye’s financial ecosystem.

VakifPayS, which will offer its products and services to digitalized individual customers as well as commercial customers, sets out with an understanding of effective, reliable and quality service to both Turkiye and the global financial ecosystem. VakifPayS will act with the mission of becoming Turkiye’s preferred leading payment service provider and contributing to the goal of transition to a cashless society with the development of Turkiye’s financial ecosystem.

“VakifPayS will make a difference in the sector”

Pointing out that they prioritize customer needs with the responsibility of being a public bank, VakifBank General Manager Abdi Serdar Ustunsalih said;

“With VakifPayS, we aimed to find a solution that will make life easier for all segments of the society, especially our SMEs, the driving force of the economy, which have evolved to become the companies of the future by going digital, and our young people who prefer products and services compatible with the dynamics of the digital world instead of traditional banking dynamics. On the other hand, we are taking an important step towards the vision of a cashless society. We have full faith that VakifPayS will make a difference in the sector with its strong financial structure, experienced human resources in the sector, user-friendly application and rich campaigns that will crown this application.”

What will VakifPayS offer?

Inspired by VakifBank’s “Digital makes it easier” approach, VakifPayS’s innovative digital wallet allows its customers to fulfill all their financial needs quickly and securely from a single point, from bill payment to money transfer, from shopping to QR code transactions, with its rich content campaigns, it will both make you earn money and eliminate the problem of carrying cash. In addition, users will be able to add their bank accounts to their VakifPayS digital wallets, manage all their accounts quickly and easily from a single point, and transfer money from these accounts.

On the other hand, VakifPayS, which will produce solutions for both virtual and physical payments with its POS products that appeal to every point where card payment is available, will add value to the business of its commercial customers by providing access to all bank POSs with a single contract and without the need for additional integration. While payments can be made via QR code from POS devices at VakifPayS’ contracted member businesses, payments can also be made quickly and securely via link.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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