Zambia’s president calls for more bilateral cooperation with Turkiye

Hakainde Hichilema welcomes Turkish deputy foreign minister, business delegation

Zambia’s president called for more bilateral cooperation with Türkiye on Tuesday and expressed his gratitude for its continued support to Zambia in the areas of health, infrastructure, technology and tourism.

Noting that the two countries had a nearly six-decade bilateral bond, Hakainde Hichilema said he received Türkiye’s Deputy Foreign Minister Ahmet Yildiz in the capital Lusaka.

Hichilema said there was a need to leverage on public private partnerships for the two countries to achieve more in the areas of trade and investment.

“There is a need for more bilateral cooperation between our two nations and we wish to thank Türkiye on the continued Turkish support to Zambia in the areas of health, infrastructure,technology and tourism,” he said.

“And in our bid to make Zambia a more land linked country, we urge you to also call for an increase in the frequency of Turkish Airlines (flights) to Zambia to boost trade and investment opportunities and jobs for our people.”

Yildiz was accompanied by Turkish Ambassador to Zambia Istem Circiroglu.

He reiterated Türkiye’s strong held foreign policy of trade and investment besides promoting global peace, security and stability, adding that the southern African nation was an all-weather bilateral partner in the quest.

The meeting between Hichilema and Yildiz came on the back of a successful third political consultation meeting between Zambia and Türkiye at which both countries committed to deepening bilateral ties for continued peace, security and economic transformation. ​​​​​​​

Later on Tuesday, Hichilema also hosted a Turkish business delegation led by Summa Group of Companies President Selim Bora Summa.

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