Ziraat Bank opened a new branch in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ziraat Bank, which has been operating in Bosnia and Herzegovina for 26 years, opened a new branch in the city of Ilijas, near the capital Sarajevo.

Ziraat, which started its operations in 1997 right after the war in 1992-1995 in Bosnia and Herzegovina and became the country’s first foreign-owned bank, added a new branch to its branches in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Turkiye’s Ambassador to Sarajevo Sadık Babur Girgin, Turkish Embassy staff, local officials and guests attended the opening of the branch.

Bulent Suer, Chairman of ZiraatBank Bosnia and Herzegovina, said that they continue to grow and that they have opened the fifth branch this year.

Stating that they stand by the entrepreneur, the producer and every entrepreneur operating in the service sector, Suer said, “These lands are producing places for us, they are very close to Sarajevo, so it is a place that attracts the attention of entrepreneurs.”

Bulent Suer stated that the newly opened branch will be a place that appeals to a population of approximately 60 thousand.

Expressing that they are a rapidly growing bank, Suer said, “We reflect this in our figures. We use ‘Turkiye’s Ziraat’ as the general theme. We have reached the position of Ziraat Bank Finance Group’s largest subsidiary abroad. This makes us happy, we will continue to grow in Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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