11 startups selected for the 9th term of Lonca Entrepreneurship Center

The ninth term of the Lonca Entrepreneurship Center, established by Kuveyt Turk to support innovative and innovative ideas and bring them into the country’s economy, has begun. 11 startups were accepted to the ninth term of the Lonca, which provides support to startups in many areas such as training, mentoring, workspace and API, especially cash grants of up to ₺125 thousand.

Lonca Entrepreneurship Center, which enables entrepreneurs with technology-oriented and scalable business ideas to transform their project ideas into commercial activity with a sustainable model, started its ninth term.

As a result of the meticulous evaluations made by the jury consisting of Kuveyt Turk executives and Lonca Entrepreneurship Center mentors, 11 startups were selected for the ninth term.

Lonca Entrepreneurship Center, which attaches importance to startups focusing on project ideas, increased its cash grant support to startups to ₺125 thousand in total with the new term. Within the scope of the program, entrepreneurs are provided with participation in national and international competitions, a $10 thousand virtual server, mentoring and consultancy from experts in their fields, and marketing and promotional support. In addition, entrepreneurs who graduate from Lonca have priority in applying to the Lonca Venture Capital Investment Fund, which was established by KT Portfolio to invest in startups and allocated ₺75 million by Kuveyt Turk.

11 startups accepted to the 9th term:

EconTech: It is a comprehensive third-party scoring and evaluation software that enables counterparty risks to be managed with maximum access to information at minimum cost and effort.

From Your Eyes: It is a vision technologies initiative that produces the most technological and most customizable version of the visual experience for a wide range of users, from humans to machines.

GGlease: It is a B2B marketplace platform that brings together businesses that want to invest in machinery and equipment, machinery dealers and instantly accessible financial leasing offers.

Jobtogo: Offering job opportunities to freelancers and digital business management tools such as customer management, contracts and invoices; It is a modern business technologies and human resources platform that provides freelancer services to companies and produces solutions such as workforce management, contracts and invoices.

LinqiApp: It is a mobile application that focuses on learning by socializing and improving English skills through cultural interaction, instills learning habits with gamified tasks, tracks habits for the goals set by users, provides speaking practice 24/7 and improves English language skills.

MUUVTO: While it is a marketplace that aims to reduce the regulation gap by focusing on the return load, it is a logistics technologies initiative that offers innovative solutions with artificial intelligence support for end-to-end logistics management.

Preptest: As an AI-powered exam preparation platform, it offers personalized study plans, trial exams and smart assistant services to students preparing for exams. It provides each student with an experience that suits their learning style, with a particular focus on TOLC, Bocconi, TIL, IMAT and SAT exams.

Shipicons: It is an artificial intelligence-supported SaaS product that aims to enable SMEs that export or want to start exporting to conduct sustainable trade by analyzing them in operational and financial terms and offering supply chain model suggestions created specifically for the company with the support of artificial intelligence in accordance with the company structure and objectives.

Tech2Bio: It is a technology initiative that offers solutions for the early detection of bee diseases and pests that cause serious losses in beekeeping and the optimization of beekeeping operations.

VISIGHT: Provides artificial intelligence-based and KVKK compliant biometric identity verification system solutions that enable identity verification transactions to be carried out autonomously and reliably.

Yanhak: It is a new generation earnings management that liberates and individualizes employees’ earnings and achieves this by making it more efficient and manageable for companies.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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