11th Leather and Fur Fashion Fair started in Antalya

The 11th Leather & Fur Fashion Fair, organized by the Turkish Leather Garment Manufacturers Association (TDKD) in Antalya, opened its doors.

70 companies from Turkiye and 1200 buyers from 20 countries attended the fair, which was held in a hotel in Belek Tourism Center.

TDKD President Fatih Dursun told the AA correspondent that they organized a very important fair for the sector.

Stating that they organize this organization twice a year, Dursun said, “The participants are mainly from Russia. There are also important companies from Kazakhstan, Ukraine and the USA. There is an 11% increase in participation in the fair compared to last year.”

Explaining that the fair brought together Turkish companies in the sector with representatives of the foreign market, Dursun stated that they made a significant contribution to exports in this way.

$224 million of export from the sector

Stating that the sector’s exports reached $224 million in 11 months, Dursun noted that the main markets in the leather and apparel industry are EU countries, the USA and Russia.

Stating that there was a decrease in exports to Russia due to the war, Dursun stated that they are working on alternative markets.

Dursun stated that the perception that “animals are slaughtered for products used in the leather industry” is completely wrong.

Stating that the industry has transformed a waste product into a product with added value, Dursun said, “The real danger is in petrochemical products, products known as ‘artificial leather’ consisting of plastic and polyester. Every year, 2 million pieces of artificial leather are produced under the name ‘vegan’ in Turkiye.”

Gurkan Gozmen, Board Member of Istanbul Leather and Leather Products Exporters Association, also stated that they attach importance to the fair as a sector.

Stating that Turkish companies exhibited their products, including winter and summer collections, at the fair and made one-to-one sales with foreign buyers, Gozmen noted that the fair made a significant contribution to the export increase of the sector.

The fair, where leather and its products are exhibited, will continue until December 8.

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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