16 startups took the stage on the IMM Tech Istanbul Demo Day: Artiwise, Coconut Games, Exar

Tech Istanbul, led by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, attracted $7 million 400 thousand of investment to 290 startups by providing support to young talents.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality held Tech Istanbul’s Demo Day event yesterday, an important platform that enables the development of new talents and innovative projects in the field of technology and entrepreneurship.

Tech Istanbul offers a wide range of support mechanisms, from young talents who want to step into the world of entrepreneurship and technology to entrepreneurs who want to increase their knowledge under the guidance of experienced people. With the Growth Program specially prepared for late-stage entrepreneurs, startups are provided with opportunities such as PoC (Proof of Concept) opportunities, mentoring and office space.

While 168 applications were received for the application call held in the last October-December period, 58 startups with ready-made products were brought together with IMM, its units and subsidiaries, and had the opportunity to collaborate. The startups came together with expert IMM employees in a process that lasted 6 weeks. They had the opportunity to develop their products according to the needs of Istanbul and test them in the field.

While 16 startups made presentations at the Demo Day event, 14 of them contributed to the Turkish entrepreneurship ecosystem by introducing their technologies in the foyer area.

To date, Tech Istanbul has received more than 1,800 applications and supported 290 startups. While 121 startups were supported in the Pre-Incubation and Growth programs carried out in the last 4 months alone, these startups provided employment for 739 people. Additionally, 74% of the startups were incorporated and received a total investment of $7 million 400 thousand.

The list of startups taking part in Tech Istanbul Demo Day

3pmetrics: Simplifying ESG analysis as well as carbon and water footprint accounting through its user-friendly SaaS platform and API services, enabling companies to automatically manage ESG analyzes for the entire value chain in just one day.

Artiwise: With artificial intelligence and natural language processing technologies, it enables companies to accurately understand their customer communications and ensures that actions related to customer experience are followed by root cause analysis.

Weather Intelligence from the Cloud: With the weather intelligence and climate-focused solutions it offers, it contributes to human and asset security by increasing the financial and operational efficiency of its business partners, as well as allowing them to take precautions against the effects of the climate crisis.

Coconut Games: It is defined as a completely free gaming platform that can play all games from one place, on all devices.

Datasance: Enterprise Open Source Fog Computing/Distributed Edge Intelligence Platform provider

Exar: Offers augmented reality and virtual reality solutions to institutions on subjects such as factory tours, showrooms, machine simulations, interior design experiences, and product prototype design.

Givin: It is known as a shopping platform that adds favor to people’s style, budget and life by supporting the education of students and children with shopping payments.

Interactive Credit: It is defined as a new generation credit scoring platform that supports users in obtaining loans.

Kidolog: It is positioned as an online platform that offers parents and adults the opportunity to receive consultancy in 10 different categories such as psychology, child development and breastfeeding consultancy.

Cones – ForestGuard: In open areas; It is a system solution that performs forest, industrial fire detection and air analysis.

OrbiCon-DEMP: By creating a real-time intelligent communication platform between vehicles in the public transportation sector, it supports the digital transformation of businesses with its cybernetic fleet management system and metaverse integration.

Pardon: It analyzes customer experience data of businesses with artificial intelligence-based algorithms and offers strategic marketing suggestions to businesses and personalized solutions to end users.

Pepteam: It is known as an all-in-one workforce management application with modules related to human resources, internal communication, employee experience and daily operational processes.

Reportql: It stands out as a SQL-based and artificial intelligence-supported data visualization tool.

Summarify: It offers solutions to all your needs such as Turkish natural language processing, text analytics and classification, document categorization, and text summarization with the most advanced artificial learning algorithms.

Syntonym: By anonymizing the data collected from cameras losslessly and in real time, it protects organizations that process visual data against sanction risks and ensures that artificial intelligence algorithms are fed with accurate and reliable data sets.

Source: Webrazzi / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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