Agricultural Irrigation option added to the Tarım Cebimde mobile app

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, İbrahim Yumaklı, recalled that the Agriculture in My Pocket application, a significant step in digitization, was launched last year

Yumaklı stated that the application is widely used by farmers, with more than 400,000 users benefiting from it currently.

He emphasized that the application provides various services to farmers, enabling them to access the information they need more quickly and to plan their production in a timely manner. “Our application, which we have developed to support our farmers in accessing the services they need more quickly and making production plans on time, is being actively used. Our farmers can access many processes with a single click, such as registering to the Farmer Registry System via e-Government, which they previously had to do by going to provincial agriculture and forestry directorates. Citizens can now perform tasks and processes such as reporting the birth, death, and fallen ear tags of their animals through the application,” he said.

Yumaklı pointed out that the application is constantly updated, recalling that they had previously added modules for Fishing, Pets, and Urban Agriculture.

“Farmers will use water more effectively thanks to the Agricultural Irrigation module.”
Yumaklı announced that they have introduced version 3.0 of the Agriculture in My Pocket application with the latest update, stating: “With the latest update to version 3.0, we have added the ‘Agricultural Irrigation’ module to the application. Through the Agricultural Irrigation module, users can create the most suitable irrigation schedule by entering the province, district, neighborhood, land, crop, soil, and irrigation method of their fields. With calculations based on 30 years of meteorological data, farmers will be able to irrigate at the correct time and in the right amount nationwide and use water more effectively. Citizens can download the new version to their phones.”

Yumaklı stated that they will continue to improve the application, taking into account feedback from farmers. He added that the application reduces the burden on both farmers and the public sector.

The Agriculture in My Pocket mobile application can be downloaded from the APP Store, Google Play Store, and Huawei Play Store.

source: prepared by Melisa Beğiç

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