Automotive sales record continued in July in Turkiye

The total market for automobiles and light commercial vehicles increased by 63.1% in the 7 months of the year compared to the same period of 2022 and amounted to 668 thousand 828 units and continued to break records.

In the statement made by the Automotive Distributors and Mobility Association (ODMD), information on the automobile and light commercial vehicle market covering the January-July period and July was shared.

Accordingly, the total market for automobiles and light commercial vehicles in Turkiye rose to 668,828 units in the January-July period.

In the said period, automobile sales increased by 61.7% to 516 thousand 288 units, while the light commercial vehicle market increased by 68% to 152 thousand 540 units.

In July, the increase in sales exceeded 115%

According to the data, the automobile and light commercial vehicle market increased by 115.4% in July compared to the same period of the previous year and reached 112 thousand 459 units. Automobile sales increased by 109.4% to 85 thousand 916 units, while the light commercial vehicle market increased by 137.5% to 26 thousand 543 units.

Considering the July averages of the last 10 years, the sales figures were 83.1% in automotive, 79.5% in automobiles, and 95.7% in light commercial vehicles.

C segment and SUV cars came to the fore

When the automobile market is evaluated by segments in the January-July 2023 period, 89.5% of the market is composed of vehicles in the A, B and C segments with low tax rates.

C-segment cars took a 54.5% share with 281 thousand 127 units, B segment cars took a 34.2% share with 176 thousand 694 units.

When evaluated according to body types, the most preferred body type was SUV cars with a share of 48.5%. Sedans followed with 27.9% and hatchbacks with 21.5%.

Mostly automatic and gasoline cars were sold

In the said period, 68.9% of the sales were composed of gasoline cars, 16.3% diesels and 10.3% hybrids. Electric cars reached a sales figure of 17,307 units with a share of 3.4%, while the share of autogas cars in total sales was 1.1%.

85.6% of automobile sales across the country consisted of cars under 1600cc.

Automatic transmission cars are 408,366 units and 79.1%; manual transmission cars, on the other hand, received 107,922 units and a share of 20.9%.

Top 5 in the total market

According to the report, Fiat took the first place in total sales of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in the first half of the year, with 119,645 units. It was followed by Renault with 66 thousand 225, Ford with 62 thousand 459, Volkswagen with 51 thousand 610 and Peugeot with 49 thousand 40 units.

Fiat did not lose the first place in automobile sales either. In the said period, Fiat sold 81 thousand 775 cars, Renault 57 thousand 91 cars, Volkswagen 41 thousand 821 cars, Opel 38 thousand 255 cars and Peugeot 37 thousand 385 cars.

According to ODMD’s data, as of July, the number of Toggs sold this year reached 1,435.

Source: Trthaber / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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