Credit volume of the banking sector amounted to 12 trillion 899 billion liras

According to the weekly bulletin published by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA), the credit volume of the sector increased by 1 billion 779 million liras as of April 19.

During this period, the total credit volume rose from 12 trillion 897 billion 246 million liras to 12 trillion 899 billion 25 million liras.

Total deposits in the banking sector, including interbank, increased by 170 billion 399 million liras last week, reaching 15 trillion 764 billion 961 million liras.

The amount of consumer loans was 1 trillion 622.6 billion liras.

According to the data, the amount of consumer loans increased by 5 billion 517 million liras to 1 trillion 622 billion 581 million liras as of April 19. Of these loans, 444 billion 280 million liras were for housing, 90 billion 220 million liras were for vehicle, and 1 trillion 88 billion 80 million liras were for personal loans.

During this period, the amount of installment commercial loans increased by 2 billion 934 million liras, reaching 1 trillion 600 billion 530 million liras.

Individual credit card receivables of banks decreased by 2.6 percent to 1 trillion 370 billion 228 million liras. Installment credit card receivables accounted for 578 billion 761 million liras, while non-installment debts accounted for 791 billion 467 million liras.

Legal equity increased.

As of April 19, non-performing loans in the banking sector rose by 2 billion 300 million liras compared to the previous week, reaching 202 billion 200 million liras. 163 billion 454 million liras of non-performing loans were provisioned.

During the same period, the legal equity of the banking system increased by 49 billion 272 million liras to 2 trillion 780 billion 224 million liras.

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