Aviation sector in Middle East & Turkiye is a trailblazing engine of growth

Aviation in the Middle East and Türkiye is one of the most dynamic and important sectors of the economy. From a global perspective, airlines in this part of the world are leaders when it comes to innovation, advancements, and technology.

For the region as a whole, the industry is a powerful multiplier of employment and economic activity. And on a more individual level, it is an industry that connects people, delivers vital goods and services, and helps businesses to grow.

The sector has developed quickly over the last four decades. Passenger and fleet numbers have steadily risen as aviation infrastructure has improved. The strength of the regional aviation industry can also be seen more recently in the post-pandemic era. The Middle East was the first global region to see its international air travel arrivals surpass pre-pandemic levels in the first quarter of 2023. In Türkiye, the flagship carrier was also the first European carrier to exceed pre-pandemic levels, with passenger traffic by the middle of 2022 up nearly 12% over 2019.

Soaring innovation

This strength is clearly on display at the Dubai Airshow, which begins on November 13th. Held every two years, it is one of the global industry’s most important events. As in years past, significant news will be generated during this exciting week, including announcements for aircraft and engine orders, news around sustainability, entrepreneurship, partnerships, economic development, and more.

GE Aerospace will have a strong presence at the Dubai Airshow, continuing our long-standing relationships with key customers in the Middle East and Türkiye, and demonstrating our commitment to this vital ecosystem. Our presence goes beyond the Airshow and providing airlines with some of the most efficient and powerful engines in the world. It includes an ongoing focus on sustainability, building local capabilities, finding solutions that address the hot and harsh climate conditions in the region, and supporting some of the largest widebody long-range fleets in the world.

Aviation as a growth engine

For every person in the region directly employed by the aviation sector or aviation-enabled tourism, the industry supports an additional 4.6 jobs, according to the Air Transport Action Group. Similarly, for every US$1 directly spent in the air transport sector, US$2.10 is spent in the broader economy.

This economic impact is set to grow even further, with the Boeing Commercial Market Outlook forecasting that by 2042, Middle East carriers will increase air traffic by 2.4 times,while their fleets will more than treble.

GE Aerospace is proud of the role we play in contributing to the impact of the industry in this region – supporting wider economic growth and the development it can bring. The success of the aviation sector can have an extensive impact on the countries and communities that we serve. As we have for nearly 40 years, we will continue to support this integral lever of growth.

Source: timesaerospace

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