Borsa Istanbul Adjusts Transaction Clearing Dates Ahead of Eid al-Fitr

At Borsa Istanbul, today stands out as the last chance for stock investors who want to return to cash before Eid al-Fitr due to the holidays. At Borsa Istanbul, tomorrow’s transactions will be cleared on Monday, April 15.

Due to Ramadan Feast, the settlement dates of transactions in Borsa Istanbul will change. Accordingly, the clearing of tomorrow’s transactions will be carried out on Monday, April 15 at Borsa Istanbul. Stock markets will be open for half a day on Tuesday before the Eid al-Fitr holiday next week.

Since the clearing of transactions in Borsa Istanbul Equity Markets occurs at “T+2”, that is, two trading days after the day of the transaction, the collection and payment of a stock transaction carried out today will be made on Monday. The collections and payments of investors who make transactions tomorrow will be delayed 10 days later, on April 15.

BIST 100 index is at 9,020 points

The investor will wait until Tuesday, April 16, for the transactions he made on Monday or the eve of next week to be realized in cash.

Analysts state that the sales of investors who wanted to return to cash before the long holiday may have been effective in the sales that continued after the election in Borsa Istanbul.

Reminding that holidays are periods that increase the demand for cash in Turkiye, analysts noted that investors who make credit transactions in the stock market may also choose to limit their positions in order to avoid paying interest during the long holiday period.

The BIST 100 index, which has decreased by approximately 1.4% since the beginning of the week, is currently at 9,020 points, approximately 0.8% above the previous closing.

Transactions on the stock exchange will be possible until 12.40 on Eve.

At Borsa Istanbul, which will be open until 12.40 on Tuesday, April 9, before the Eid al-Fitr holiday, the transactions to be carried out that day will be cleared together with the transactions on Monday, April 8.

On Eve, the Equity Markets will start the day with the opening session at 09.40, and continuous auction transactions will be held between 10.00 and 12.30.

Closing session, order collection and closing price transactions will be held between 12.30 and 12.40.

In the Futures and Options Market (VIOP), transactions will start at 09.20 on the eve of the eve and the session will end at 12.40 for all contracts.

In the Debt Securities Market, except for the notification of securities against repo, same-day and forward value transactions will be made on Tuesday until 11.30, and securities against repo will be declared on the same day until 11.50.

Source: Trthaber / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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