Expert Economists Forecast April CPI to Rise: AA Finance’s Inflation Survey Results Revealed

Economists participating in the AA Finance Inflation Expectations Survey estimate that the Consumer Price Index (CPI) will increase by 3.22% in April.

AA Finance’s expectation survey regarding the April inflation data to be announced by the Turkish Statistical Institute on Friday, May 3, was concluded with the participation of 14 economists.

Accordingly, the average inflation expectations of economists for April was 3.22%. The inflation expectations of the economists participating in the survey for April were between the lowest 2.80% and the highest 3.80%.

According to the average inflation expectations of economists for April, annual inflation, which was 68.50% in the previous month, is expected to rise to 69.87%.

On the other hand, economists’ inflation expectation for the end of 2024 was 43.65 in April.

Consumer Price Index increased by 3.16% in March.

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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