Borsa Istanbul Opens ‘Participation Finance’ Section on Its Website

Participation Finance tab was opened on Borsa Istanbul’s website in order to provide collective access to financial instruments that comply with participation finance criteria traded on Borsa Istanbul and information about investing in these products.

In the statement made by Borsa Istanbul, it was stated that by opening the Participation Finance tab, it has become easier for investors to obtain detailed information about the instruments traded in Borsa Istanbul and to access these products, and that an important step has been taken to increase awareness in this field.

In the statement, the following was noted:

In the Borsa Istanbul Participation Finance section, you can access various details including:

  • Participation-based equities traded on Borsa Istanbul, their selection criteria, market values, and indices calculated based on these equities.
  • Contents and historical performances of these indices.
  • Various lease certificates traded on Borsa Istanbul (government, private), (in TRY, USD, EUR, gold), (domestic, international), (issuance date, maturity, issuance size), and the prices of lease certificates.
  • BIST-KYD Lease Certificates Indices calculated based on lease certificate prices and their historical performances.
  • Turkish Lira Overnight Participation Reference Yield Rate (TLREFK), calculation method, and historical values.
  • Borsa Istanbul Gold-Based Indices, calculation method, and historical values.
  • Details about the ‘Structured Transactions Market’ where transactions involving buy commitments with redemption using lease certificates and sell commitments with repurchase are conducted.

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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