China-based consumer electronics company Dreame Technology officially entered the Turkish market

Dreame Technology, one of the world’s innovative consumer electronics companies, has started to offer its high-tech products for home and hair cleaning in the Turkish market.

Dreame Technology, a consumer electronics company based in , announced its products offering innovative solutions for the Turkish market. Among the announced products were the company’s most advanced all-in-one cleaning robot to date, DreameBot L20 Ultra, the new generation vacuum cleaner models Dreame R20 and Dreame H12 Dual, as well as exciting products such as the hair dryer called Dreame Hair Glory and the robot dog DreameDog.

Making a statement on the subject, Dreame Turkiye Country Manager Engin Cesurer said;

“As one of the important brands in the world in the field of consumer electronics, we are very happy to introduce our products to our users in Turkiye. As Dreame Technology, our top priority is to make our users’ lives easier and add value to their lives with high technology. We believe that the products we will introduce to the market will be very popular in Turkiye in the short term.”

The products offered for sale in our country by Dreame Technology, which has signed more than 150 patents to date with its vision of improving the quality of life, and their remarkable features are as follows:

The vacuum cleaner that cleans both the house and itself: DreameBot L20 Ultra

Dreame Technology’s advanced all-in-one cleaning robot, DreameBot L20 Ultra, takes home cleaning to a whole new dimension. DreameBot L20 Ultra, which can clean for 75 days on its own without the need for a user, automatically empties the dust bin, cleans and dries the mops, and fills water and solutions independently

With the industry’s first artificial intelligence-based MopExtend™ technology, DreameBot L20 Ultra automatically moves its mops to thoroughly clean hard-to-reach corners and sills. The DuoScrub™ System, which controls two high-speed spin mops, scrubs stubborn dirt and liquids under pressure, preventing them from spreading throughout the house. DreameBot L20 Ultra, which has an ultra-long battery life of 150 minutes, offers an extraordinary vacuuming power of 7,000Pa for hair, dust and dirt with its Vormax™ Suction System. Thanks to the DreameBot L20 Ultra with 3D Structured Light Obstacle Avoidance System, the residents of the house can enjoy effortless cleaning.

Versatile cordless cleaning with Dreame R20

Dreame R20 Wireless Vacuum Cleaner, which reduces cleaning stress with its high technology and practicality, turns house cleaning into fun. Dreame R20 detects the floor type and switches to the appropriate cleaning mode, making it easier to notice dirt in dimly lit areas with its blue light LED Optical technology. With its extraordinary suction power, high-speed brushless motor, 99.9% dust filtering rate and special apparatus, Dreame R20 promises hygienic living spaces for everyone by flawlessly cleaning fabric-covered furniture and hair and crumbs in hard-to-reach areas.

Cleaning wizard Dreame H12 Dual

The capable Dreame H12 Dual is a comprehensive 3-in-1 cleaning wizard that can both wash floors and vacuum carpet and furniture surfaces. Dreame H12 Dual quickly turns into a wireless vertical vacuum cleaner or hand vacuum cleaner, ensuring effective cleaning of wet and dry floors. Dreame H12 Dual provides end-to-end cleaning in corners and edges by automatically moving its brushes, and makes the work of home residents easier by washing and drying the brush and dust container with water and detergent after cleaning.

Victorious hair with Dreame Hair Glory

Dreame Technology’s new generation hair dryer, Hair Glory, is literally “very cool”. Drawing attention with its eye-catching design, Dreame Hair Glory allows wet hair to be easily separated and dried in just two minutes with its high airflow motor. Featuring LED indicators, four different temperature and two speed settings, Dreame Hair Glory reduces frizz up to 30 times compared to the previous model with negative ion technology, giving the hair a shiny and healthy appearance.

Smart robot dog: DreameDog

Another product that Dreame Technology exhibited at the launch is the smart robot dog DreameDog, the industry’s first four-legged bionic robot with head-body coordination. This smart robot dog, which can understand its owner’s needs and communicate verbally, react to touches, imitate human movements and play games, can map its environment and patrol. DreameDog, which allows customization according to need with its structure open to development, is planned to be available for sale in the spring of 2024.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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