Cooperation protocol signed between TAI and Airbus

Employees will be offered development opportunities with the cooperation protocol signed between TAI Academy and Airbus-Airbussiness Academy. Training programs to be implemented in Turkiye, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan will be designed.

Cooperation was established between TUSAS Academy, which carries out its activities within the Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. (TUSAS), and AirBusiness Academy, which is under the umbrella of Airbus.

Speaking at the signing ceremony held in TAI, TUSAS General Manager Temel Kotil said, “From the first day we started to work, we attach great importance to national and international trainings. In addition to many national academic collaborations, we will increase our competencies by sharing our experience and knowledge with Airbus, one of the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers, with this project, and we will raise the bar even higher in the international arena.”

Pointing out that with the signed protocol, TAI Academy will provide services both in Turkiye and Central Asian countries with the Airbus Business Academy, and said that the protocol also covers technician, engineer and manager training. Saying, “We will organize a course together for both our own personnel and the people related to aviation in Turkiye,” Kotil emphasized that this is important both for the development of trade and for better service in the air.

Adam McGonigal, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Airbus-AirBusiness Academy, said: “Based on our solid foundation of trust and cooperation, this partnership with TAI Academy will provide us with new opportunities to go beyond the ordinary and develop the skills, knowledge and behaviors in the aviation industry together.”

Collaborative research will be supported

Within the scope of the project, TAI Academy and Airbus-AirBusiness Academy will organize joint training programs, offer employees customized development opportunities and support research in the field of cooperation. With the solutions to be produced jointly, training programs to be implemented in Turkiye, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan will be designed.

Developed within the framework of the common vision of the two corporate academies, the project aims to contribute to aviation management, project management, leadership development, digital asset production, sustainability and operational excellence by providing better service to professionals in the aviation industry.

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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