Decrease Continues in FX-Protected Deposits

The Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BDDK) has published a report on the changes in the banking sector’s loans and deposits as of March 1.

According to BDDK data, the FX-protected Turkish Lira deposits and participation accounts in the banking system decreased by 12.82 billion TL compared to the previous week, reaching approximately 2.31 billion TL.

However, as of today, the total deposit amount of banks approached 15.8 trillion TL. The non-performing loans were recorded at 195.58 billion TL, and the foreign exchange net general position was 101.7 billion TL.

With a total deposit of 16 trillion TL, the total credit amount in the banking sector as of March 1 was announced as 12.36 trillion TL. The off-balance foreign exchange position was determined to be 1.36 trillion TL. The on-balance foreign exchange position was calculated at a deficit of 1.26 trillion TL.

Loans continue to increase BDDK data revealed that consumer and commercial loans increased compared to the previous week as of March 1. Consumer loans increased by 16.05 billion TL compared to the previous week, reaching 1.578 trillion TL. Commercial and other loans, on a weekly basis, reached 9.473 trillion TL with an increase of 106.2 billion TL.

The total debt amount on individual credit cards also increased by 38.09 billion TL compared to the previous week, reaching 1.311 trillion TL.

source: / prepared by Melisa Beğiç

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