“Discounted cargo” protocol was renewed between THY and TIM

Turkish Cargo, the air cargo brand of Turkish Airlines (THY), renewed its cooperation agreement with the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) for discounted cargo transportation.

The cooperation agreement was signed at the THY Headquarters VIP Hall with the participation of THY Board of Directors and Executive Committee Chairman Prof. Dr. Ahmet Bolat and TİM President Mustafa Gultepe.

Turkish Cargo renewed its cooperation agreement with TIM, which reduces the transportation costs of exporters. Turkish Cargo, the air cargo brand of Turkish Airlines, continues to contribute to Turkiye’s exports.

Within the scope of the renewed agreement, Turkish Cargo will transport products produced all over Anatolia to 42 destinations in 30 countries with various discount rates of up to 25%.

The campaign, which covers general cargo, perishable cargo, eggs, fish, meat, fruit and vegetable shipments, will start on October 16 and will be valid until January 31, 2024.

Providing the best connections for transportation to production and trade centers in the world, Turkish Cargo continues to improve the attractive opportunities it offers with its quality service approach. While the global carrier produces special and practical solutions to the ever-increasing logistics demand and develops regional and global trade; also continues to support exporting companies.

In his speech at the meeting, Bolat stated that Turkiye broke historical records in the field of exports. Bolat said, “With the right steps taken and the support provided, our exporters had the opportunity to make good use of the opportunities during the crisis period and, after exporting more than $254 billion in 2022, they achieved an export of $123.4 billion in the first half of this year. These numbers make us all happy by making a great contribution to the growth of our factories and increase in employment, as well as to our country’s economy. We are happy to know that we, as the national flag carrier airline, contributed to these records. As Turkish Airlines, we work with this awareness and determination in our plans.”

Bolat stated that, as Turkiye’s service sector export champion, they brought $14 billion to the country last year. “This year, we will increase this to over $16 billion. We have supported everyone in every field, from our passengers to our stakeholders, in promoting the values and riches of our country and contributing to our country, and we will continue to do so.”

Bolat said, “Today, with the 4th protocol we will sign with the Turkish Exporters Assembly, we continue to increase the contributions we offer to our exporters and our country.”

Turkish Cargo increased its market share to 5%

Ahmet Bolat stated that Turkish Cargo, which turned the epidemic period, one of the biggest global crises of the world and the civil aviation industry, into an opportunity with planning, became the fastest growing air cargo company in the international arena in both 2021 and 2022 and increased its market share to 5%.

Stating that Turkish Cargo will double the amount of cargo it carries in line with the targets they have set for themselves in the next 5 years and will become one of the three best air cargo brands in the world, Bolat said:

“We have made a great contribution to our country’s economy by providing cargo support for different items to international destinations determined in 4-month periods in the three protocols we have signed with our Exporters Assembly so far. With this protocol, we offer discounts of up to 25% for cargo requests of 1 ton and above, depending on the destination, in a total of 42 destinations that we have determined together with TIM.

In addition, a capacity of 20 thousand tons was planned for high value-added air cargo exports on the designated lines during the 4 months that the protocol is valid. The scope of this protocol includes general cargo as well as perishable cargo such as fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs and fish. As a result of the first two protocols we signed, the export value approached $5.5 billion, and there was a 23% increase in export figures in the third protocol period compared to the previous year. All these figures reveal the importance of the signature we have made here today for both us and our country.”

“We believe that our cooperation will accelerate our country’s export mobilization.”

Bolat stated that, as Turkish Airlines, they do not only export services, but also, with the support they give to exporters, they increase the number of stakeholders in contributing to the country and contribute to the economy in every field.

Stating that the country’s economy and producers are determined to deliver their value-added products to the world markets under the most competitive conditions, Bolat said, “For this reason, we signed the fourth cooperation protocol with the Turkish Exporters Assembly. By achieving $7 billion of exports in the first three campaigns, we provided significant benefit to Turkiye’s foreign trade. In our new campaign, we offer a capacity of 20 thousand tons to be used at a discount in 42 destinations of strategic importance for Turkish Exporters. We believe that this cooperation will give great impetus to our country’s export mobilization.”

“With the new protocol, we will further increase the share of air transportation”

TIM President Mustafa Gultepe stated that they handled exports with a simple and clear perspective and stated that production and logistics are the main topics in this sense.

Touching on the importance of access to finance for production, Gultepe said, “There have been very positive developments in this regard in the last three months. The Central Bank made another extremely important regulation for us last week. The interest on rediscount loans will no longer exceed the policy rate. In other words, rediscount loan costs will decrease by approximately 15 points. Our exporters will now be able to access loans at much more affordable costs. In addition, more exporting companies will be able to benefit from this loan, the limit of which has been increased.”

Stating that logistics constitutes one of the most important links in export processes, Gultepe said, “We aim to increase Turkiye’s average export range, which is currently 3 thousand 65 kilometers, to the world average of 4 thousand 777 kilometers. Air cargo transportation has a special place, especially in accessing distant markets. We have been making very productive collaborations in this regard with Turkish Airlines, the source of pride of our country, in recent years. Today, we are together to sign a cooperation protocol with THY for the fourth time. We set out on this path by saying ‘Turkiye will Rise on the Wings of Turkish Airlines with Exports’. Fortunately, while our exports increased, our air transportation shouldered this burden easily.”

Stating that they have exported 143 thousand tons by air cargo in the past 9 months this year, Gultepe said, “The foreign currency equivalent of our exports by air in 9 months exceeded $10 billion. With the new protocol, we will further increase the share of air transportation. We determined the target destinations in the most efficient way for our exporters. Our exporters will be able to deliver their products to 42 cities in 30 countries with discounts of up to 25%.”

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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