Domestic cloud kitchen startup Avane Cloud Kitchens received a $3.1 million investment in pre-Series A round

Avane has increased its valuation 5 times in the last year, raising $3.1 million in its pre-Series-A investment round.

Turkiye’s first fully-equipped cloud kitchen venture, Avane Cloud Kitchens, increased its valuation 5 times in the last year and received an investment of $3.1 million in the pre-Series-A investment round.

Ahmet Orhon, founder and CEO of Avane, stated that this investment proves the exceptional success of Avane’s data-driven, technology-based, customer-centric business model. Underlining that Avane is Turkiye’s leading company in the field of food technology, Orhon emphasized that the belief in the global growth plans realized with the UK launch was strengthened by this investment. Orhon stated that this investment shows appreciation for the globally successful Avane team, which dreams and realizes the unimaginable with its record level of productivity as well as its ability to create successful brands.

This investment round led by Finberg was accompanied by TwoZero Ventures, Logo Ventures and distinguished angel investors. While thanking his investors for their belief in Avane’s business model and team, Orhon said, “The participation of Turkiye’s leading funds and investors in our current investor, Global Founders Capital, further strengthened Avane on its journey to become a global unicorn.”

Finally, Orhon said, “This success is the success of my team working with extraordinary determination and dedication. They deserve all the praise. I feel very privileged to be able to work with and lead them.”

Source: Egirisim / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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