Dried tomatoes are exported from Batman to nearly 100 countries

Dried tomatoes, which were planted for the first time in the Sason district of Batman, for the first time, made the farmer smile with its yield and quality.

Tomatoes planted on a 400-decare area are exported to nearly 100 countries, primarily the USA, Germany and Italy.

Farmer Huseyin Bayindir, who stated that the first harvest of the tomato, which was planted for the first time in the district of Sason for trial purposes, was fruitful, and said that 140 workers were working in the tomato harvest.

Bayindir stated that they started the harvest of dried tomatoes, which they planted for trial purposes in the district this year, “We planted dried tomatoes on an area of 400 decares. We have obtained a high yield and extremely high-quality product. With the work we have done here, we have opened the door to employment for tens of unemployed young people from the surrounding provinces, especially for the unemployed youth in our district.”

Bayindir stated that after drying the dried tomatoes they obtained from here in the exhibition area, they first send them to Manisa, where they are packaged, and then export them to nearly 100 countries, primarily Europe and the USA. “Dozens of our workers who came here have the opportunity to stand on their own feet by working in their own country.”

Source: Trthaber / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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