Global brand Flying Tiger Copenhagen will be opened to Turkiye with partnership with Karaca Group

Danish retail brand Flying Tiger Copenhagen is preparing to meet consumers in Turkiye with its partnership with Karaca Group.

The first store of the brand, which has spread to 36 countries by offering many different designs from home decoration to toys, from stationery to kitchenware, will be opened in Istanbul in October, offering services at affordable prices for everyone.

Aiming to add fun to the shopping experience with its interesting, colorful and practical product range, Flying Tiger Copenhagen will offer more than 4 thousand product types to its customers in Turkiye, as well as in its global stores.

“We are introducing the colorful world of Flying Tiger Copenhagen to Turkiye”

Karaca Group Board Member Sami Hotak, in his statement to AA correspondent, stated that they are excited about bringing Flying Tiger Copenhagen to Turkiye.

Hotak said, “We are excited to be a pioneer in introducing Flying Tiger Copenhagen to Turkiye this year, offering a lively and enjoyable experience that will make people smile. At the same time, we believe that this move will add dynamism to the entire retail industry.”

Underlining that he sees the merger of two large global companies as not only commercial expectations but also the transfer of experiences, Hotak said, “This is the partnership of a Danish company and a Turkish company regarding the Turkish market, but beyond that, we believe that we will learn a lot from each other.”

Hotak stated that their first store will be opened in October this year and said, “We want to quickly open stores not only in Istanbul, but also in Izmir, Ankara, Bursa and Antalya. If we are lucky, we will reach 100 stores at the end of the fifth year. We plan to open as many stores as possible in the right locations, suitable for the target audience.”

Stating that this is a collaboration of two global brands, Hotak said that they believe that this partnership will significantly increase Karaca’s effectiveness in the global market and help them achieve the 2030 vision.

“We are looking forward to presenting our products in the Turkish market”

Flying Tiger Copenhagen Chief Sales Officer Jens Aarup Mikkelsen also stated that they offer extraordinary daily life products and that their mission is to offer offers that aim to bring people together by transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Referring to their motivation for being in Turkiye, Mikkelsen stated that they received great interest from Turkish customers in their stores in Europe.

Mikkelsen said, “We are really happy and excited to finally be able to bring Flying Tiger Copenhagen to Turkiye.”

Stating that they prepare products for places where people come together and spend time together and that they really want to be relevant to every market they are in, Mikkelsen said, “We are a Danish brand and we are really proud of our design, heritage and history. We look forward to learning and seeing together how we can manage to present our products in the Turkish market and appeal to Turkish consumers everywhere.”

Stating that the Turkish market is of strategic importance for them and that they have a strong belief that Turkiye will stand out as one of the largest markets globally, Mikkelsen said, “We believe that we can achieve this goal with a large company like Karaca Group.”

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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