Grain warehouse Konya sees good plant growth in cereal products

Seçen told an AA correspondent that Konya, the city with the largest area in Turkey, has a significant presence in agriculture.

Seçen stated that agriculture is practiced on 18.9 million hectares out of the 40.8 million hectares in the province, saying, “92 thousand farmers registered in the farmer registration system are engaged in activities, and there are nearly 57 thousand livestock farms. We provided approximately 3.9 billion Turkish liras in support payments to these farmers in 2023.”

Highlighting that Konya ranks first in Turkey in 11 products such as wheat, barley, sugar beet, maize, sunflower, potatoes, forage crops, and tulips, Seçen mentioned that the city is the second in Turkey in 12 products, with a total of 187 different products being grown.

Pointing out that there are 8.4 million hectares of pastureland in the city, Seçen explained that there is high potential both in crop production and animal husbandry.

Seçen emphasized that the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry not only financially supports producers but also provides various training programs. He stated, “Since the planting season, we have organized various training sessions with our chambers and cooperatives. We have conducted continuous training sessions in the field with both our technical staff and professors from agricultural and veterinary faculties. We have tried to provide education on the subjects our farmers requested information about.”

“No issues seen in crop development” Reminding that 22 million tons of wheat, 9 million tons of maize, and 9.2 million tons of barley were produced in the country last year, Seçen noted that with the arrival of spring, cereals have reached the tillering period (when several stems sprout from each germinated seed). He said, “Tillering has occurred in the crops. The development is quite good, thankfully there are no problems. April and May rains are important for us. If we receive the expected rainfall during that period, we will achieve the same yield as last year. Like in the whole country, Konya did not receive the desired rainfall this winter, but despite not being at the desired level, rain did fall. Therefore, when we look at our crops, we see that there are no problematic situations.”

“It is necessary to act in accordance with agricultural production planning” Emphasizing their importance for agricultural production planning, Seçen said:

“There is water scarcity in 11 provinces and 52 districts in Turkey. Nineteen of these 52 districts are in Konya. Therefore, Konya is a province with significant water scarcity. It is essential to act in line with agricultural production planning in Konya. Under the Agricultural Land Use Activation Project of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, we provide 75% support for the production of products that are needed in line with agricultural production planning, are resistant to drought, and are of strategic importance. We plan to cultivate plants that consume less water, are suitable for the conditions of the region, and meet the needs of this region, this geography, and this climate. We carry out planning for growing products that the country needs and that have a supply deficit. We plan to rotate planting in terms of water, aiming for more regular and efficient use of limited water resources, and passing them on to future generations.”

Seçen stated that they are trying to promote small ruminant and poultry farming, which consume less water, in animal husbandry in the city and that they have made 3-year plans.”

source: prepared by Melisa Beğiç

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